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Another day, another development, another future!

A life-threatening illness and a decision to emigrate to warmer climbs has forced the owner of this website to reconsider many things.

The layout and purpose of AwayWolf will be modified to reflect changes in policy. We shall still be focussing on some interests (such as football and horse racing), but will also be streamlined for easy maintenance.

As per usual, we'll introduce these changes ASAP, but bearing in mind some very serious domestic issues that have to be resolved, it will be later this year before we have everything up-and-running.

Thanks again for your patience.


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What's it all about, 'Wolfie'?

You can read all about our project on our 'About Us' page - but here's a short(ish) introduction ...

The concept of AwayWolf is not a new one - not for the creator at least. The whole idea (in various forms) was conceived some time ago - albeit in very limited ways.

Our first website was awaywolf.co.uk, and it was created as a short-term solution to an outstanding challenge (we don't like using the word 'problem').

As the concept of AwayWolf changed, it grew to meet the larger demands of the concept.

Essentially, this concept is to bring together a plethora of different features all under one roof.

We could be referred to as a department store of ideas and services. What we always strive for is something new to introduce to our visitors.

We may be offering you Web Services, which will encapsulate concepts such as Web Design, how to develop and maintain a Web Presence, perhaps buying a domain (VAT-Free for those who pay this charge in the UK, and often beyond this Nation), and a continuing flow of other ideas.

More next column ..

Our latest news ...

December 13th, 2013. Football predictions! Read more.

Our domain name prices have been slashed! Check them out at this link: ws\domains_for_sale.htm

No time to read about us?

Then here's a quick video introduction to help you to discover AwayWolf.

If you have any questions, then please visit our FAQs page - or email us.

         < Our video intro

   will appear here>

Continued .. What's it all about, 'Wolfie'?

This type of pattern will be replicated throughout AwayWolf. Whatever you can think of, we shall try to cover it.

So! Whether you want to buy groceries, build a website, buy train tickets, read our Blog, grab a great bargain, there will always be plenty to explore.

We therefore hope you will find this website useful, and we encourage you to bookmark us and revisit on a regular basis.

And should there be something you need or desire, and you cannot find it on our website, just drop us a line and we shall research and maybe develop it for you.

Thanks for dropping by, and we hope to see a lot more of you in the near future!

Advertise here ..

NB. These are our introductory rates. If you buy at these special rates on a fixed contract, you will be charged at the special rate throughout.

Once your contract has expired, you have to repurchase at the prevailing rate.

Contact us now for details!

Advertisement Page

Examples ..

160px x 60px = 9600px @ 0.1p per pixel = £9.60 per week

160px x 120px = 19200px @ 0.1p per pixel = £19.20 per week

160px x 160px

= 25,600px

@ 0.1p per pixel

= £25.60 per week

So what's on ..
.. our Sports pages?

To begin our venture into the world of sport, we bring you comprehensive football predictions.

Pleas click here for our temporary page (a more dedicated service will arrive in 2014) ...

Read more.

.. our Shopping pages?

A little more than just shopping links and offers. These pages also incorporate specialised bookmarks. This is so you can reach your favourite websites without cluttering up your browser with multiple bookmarks.

Lets' face it, there's a lot of interesting things out there and sooner or later, your browser will be over-loaded with all your favourite links. So why not streamline and use AwayWolf as your first port of call? We can be your starting point for some, many, or all of your daily needs.

Read more.

.. our Web Services pages?

Our Web Services cover all the main bases and then direct you to the most appropriate requirement.

Firstly, we have our own dedicated retail unit which re-sells services at great prices. For this purpose we have set-up the domain www.vatfreedomains.com.

As the name says, any domain name you purchase will be *free of VAT, so you save instantly (no voucher codes required). Furthermore, we have trimmed many prices right back so you can get the best deal from our website. So please pay us a visit!

*Depending upon your country's VAT regulations.

Our second service is web design. From elementary (for those people who just do not have the time to build their own website) to more complex designs which can be obtained from the internet.

We also have a private stock of domain names for sale. While some are in use, we always remain open to offers.

For all our services, please read more.

.. our Affiliated pages?

This part of our website is dedicated to domain names we own and use to promote various products and services.

Domains linked to this page all their their own distinct name but are intrinsically part of the same project.

So, while our shopping pages bring you the most popular links on the internet, our affiliated pages bring you a wider choice of specific interests. Essentially, they are mostly an extension of what we offer directly at AwayWolf.

For example, internet dating is a massive market. But where do you start? Which is the best website for your needs? Here are just two of our many websites ...



Our approach is two-fold. We provide you with dating websites run directly by AwayWolf and we strive to meet the different needs demanded by consumers.

Our second theme is to provide you with links to some of the biggest names in internet dating, and these can be found on our shopping pages.

Read more.

.. and more ...
.. our Mobiles pages?

This part of the website is split into two parts. The first is to give you some idea of the type of content we are looking to add to our mobile website.

Because our mobile content has to fit on a much smaller screen, we have to create a separate website to carry our content. Having said this, all our content on our mobile website will be hosted on this website. Just go to our introductory mobile webpage and then you can click through to our restructured content on awaywolf.mobi.

Read more.

Please note:

If you wish to view our specially configured website (awaywolf.mobi) on a mobile device, then please scan our QR code directly to your device.


.. our Media pages?

Again, there are two main parts two this theme.

The first part will be to bring you telephone, television, radio, and printed media content and links.

The second part will focus on our own content, our own news, blogs, etc.

Read more.

.. our Countries pages?

These pages are dedicated for content relating to specific continents and countries. This could be the Europe, Asia, UK, USA, Spain, France, Germany, etc.

As AwayWolf expands, more countries will be added. But some restrictions on some domain name extensions (ie. local presence), may mean some countries will find their content 'gathered' onto webpages we have designated for continents. Therefore, if your country is not listed, please check your respective continent's webpage.

Read more.

.. our Administration pages

This is our What and Why and, When, and How and Where and Who part of AwayWolf.

Here you can learn about who we are, ask questions, send messages, get our advertising rates, and see our site map.

Read more .

.. our Accredited pages

These pages are set aside for accrediting those sources who provide content for AwayWolf. This may be in the form of Royalty-Free images, news feeds, software we have used, etc.

So! As well as acknowledging the hard work of others to provide some of our content, we also provide the visitor with useful links back to the author's websites. In other words, we are providing 'useful links'.

Read more .

160px x 240px

= 38,400px

@ 0.1p per pixel

= £38.40 per week

160px x 320px

= 512,000px

@ 0.1p per pixel

= £51.20 per week

160px x 480px

= 76,800px

@ 0.1p per pixel

= £76.80 per week

160px x 320px

= 512,000px

@ 0.1p per pixel

= £51.20 per week




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