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About AwayWolf

We are under construction. This is a 'holding page' (no working links yet)

This has been a long-planned project. The first domain name purchased was solely for advertising personal goods in anticipation of moving overseas (the first clue as to why I chose the name, 'AwayWolf').

But the best-laid plans do not always materialise, and so the concept of the website changed over a period of years. It is now changing again to meet the 'responsive' design as preferred by Google.

Now, we are arriving at our final destination. All of the websites that have been built in addtion to the AwayWolf concept are going to appear here, along with links to some of our other websites (which are not directly hosted by us).

We hope you find something useful on our website. We'll be looking to add features as and when they seem appropriate. Until then, there's plenty to explore..

Our Values

What you should know about AwayWolf

MISSION: Our mission is to keep it honest and straightforward. We want to inform, educate, entertain and, sometimes, express personal opinions.

PURPOSE: To do everything we do together under 'one roof. One website to continue to develop and provide everyday services.

VISION: Our vision has no limitations. We shall begin with what is already on record, but please keep checking back for more.



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