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There are many protest groups active around the world. But there is only ONE Society that we could recommend for up-to-date scientific research.

The International Society for Fluoride Research (Inc.), also known as the ISFR, publish a regular newsletter which is free to read.

The ISFR quarterlies includes a variety of materials which are considered worthy of submission and are informative and interesting (if the subject of fluoride 'floats your boat' - as the old saying goes).

To see what the ISFR are saying, publishing, etc., then please visit the following link. But to help shorten your search, we shall regularly publish 'fast links' to the current editions of the Society's newsletters

NB. When you visit the ISFR website, please note that although the newsletter is published quarterly, page numbers are allocated annually. Ergo, and purely for example, pages 1-50 of the first quarter's publication will be followed by pages 51-100 in the next quarter's publication. At the beginning of the following year, page numbers revert to 1 onwards.

ISFR Homepage. *The ISFR can also be reached under the .com and .net extensions

ISFR Editions (newest first)

Volume 48, Number 4.

Volume 48, Number 3.

Volume 48, Number 2.

Volume 48, Number 1.

Archived Copies

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