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Australian Fluoridation News

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6th October, 2019: VERY FIRST ISSUE OF AFN ADDED! See copy 1 #1 at the bottom of this page.

Edition Main Articles
 Rats, Rats, Rats... Love Toothpaste to Death
 Rats, Rats, Rats... Love Fluoride to Death
 US NTP Draft Report 2019: Fluoride is a Neurotoxin
 Brief News
19 #2 Fluoridated tap water lowers kids’ IQ
 David Icke’s visa cancelled: a further attempt to erode freedom of speech
 Max Igan remind us of the word to describe what we have: a kakistocracy
 Brief Review: Fluoridation Presentations at Otago University, New Zealand
 ‘The Australian Government’ is not what we thought it was
 Brief News & Reviews
19 #1 Fluoride causes Diabetes
18 #3 Ask political candidates: Do you Support Removing Fluoridation and keeping it out?
 Victorian Election (24 November 2018)
 Brief News
18 #2 Media Pushes Fluoridation in Oberon
 NHMRC asserts fluoride does not accumulate!
 Holistic Oral Health Summit 2018 Review
 Questions on Water Fluoridation for Thinking People
 A Quick Guide to Fluoride Harms
 USA Legal Update; Hidden Cause Acne; Dandenongs
18 #1 Kununurra told: “With the Fluoridation Act... you have no democracy”
 Fluoride is not only pointless, it’s a health risk
 Brief News
17 #3 Fire-Fighting Fluoride Foam Exposé
 Perth’s Dead Dolphins accumulated fluoride compounds
 Tributes to Anti-Fluoridation Legends
 Higher Maternal Fluoride Intake Lowers Children’s IQ
 New Petitions (States and Commonwealth)
17 #2 US EPA taken to court for not banning water fluoridation
 Fluoride is the major cause of cataract blindness
 Recent documentaries on forced, harmful processes
 Brief News
17 #1 Fluoride Tanker Spill – Injuries and Death
 Fluorosilicic Acid – Toxic Additive in Drinking Water
 WA Fluoride Free Party contests 2017 state election
 Brief News
16 #3 Fluoride is a Bio-accumulative, Endocrine Disrupting, Neurotoxic Carcinogen - Not a Nutrient
16 #2 Fluoridation Causes Cancer
 Drinking Tea Causes Skeletal Fluorosis
 PEW Trust's Fluoridation Promotion Tactics Exposed
 Brief News
16 #1 Breaking the Silence on Fluoridation
 Environmentalists target fluoridated (PFC) gear companies
15 #4 Fluoridation: Progress and Pollution
 CSG Fracking: Disastrous Results in America
 Massive Fluoride Overfeed ... Pupils and Teachers Suddenly Ill
 Brief News
15 #3 Fluoridation: Poison on Tap (Film Review)
 Victory in Northern Victoria!
 Australia's Double Standard Democracy
 Brief News: Our Daily Dose (Short Film)
15 #2 Fluoridation's Partner, The First Atomic Bomb
 USA lowers Fluoride level to 0.7ppm
 Fluoride Spill Results in $480m kidney lawsuit
 Brief News: Fracking linked to hospitalisation rates; GMO+Vaccination; That Sugar Film; Sydney Fluoridation Conference 15
15 #1 CSG Fracking Contaminates Water
 Editorial: Honouring the ANZAC Spirit
 Brief News: Water Fluoridation linked to hypothyroidism
14 #3 Another NHMRC 'Review', Another Gravy Train
 Public Betrayed by NHMRC
 Brief News: Israel turns off the fluoride tap; Ireland's counties voting to remove F; Changing the game
 [Note in 2014, there was no Vol.50, No.4]
14 #2 Celebrating 50 Years, An Historic Perspective
 [The reproduction of First Issue, June 1963 is not online yet]
14 #1 Harvard Links Fluoride to Mental Disorders
 Reduce Sugar Intake to Reduce Tooth Decay
 Fluoride Valve Left Open, Thousands Exposed, One Death
 Recognising and Respecting Indigenous Australians
 Dr Eva Snead (at the Preparedness Expo, 1992)
 Brief News: Fluoride as Contraceptive; World No Tobacco Day, 31st May; Say 'NO' to abuse of older (and all) people, June 15; TheCrowhouse.com
13 #4 Catalyst: Sugar Facts and Fluoride Myths
 Brief News: Fluoride in Ireland; Be Aware of Censorship Plans
13 #3 Israel to Stop Fluoridation
 Queensland Relief Continues
 Corowa Shire's Double-Standard for Mulwala
 The Dickinson Statement:Expanded Edition 2013
 Brief News: Byron Bay keeps fluoride out; Chemtrails; Vicnet Website Changes
13 #2 New Films Reveal Fluoridation to be a Destructive and Racist Policy
 - The Great Culling: Our Water and Fluoridegate
13 #1 Queenslanders Lead the Way
 - People Power reverses QLD fluoridation policy while vested-interests complain
12 #4 The Fluoridation Iceberg
 The Conforming Apes: Question Everything!
 Updates: Harvard IQ Study; Education and IQs; Where are the Bodies? Magnesium; Dentists
12 #3 Carnarvon Remains Free From Artificial Fluoridation
 Magnesium: The Miracle Mineral
 Updates: Queensland; Iodine+Boron; Senators; Surveillance
12 #2 Fluoride Fume Deaths - Stark Reminders of Fluoride's Role in Deadly Poisons and Ending WWII
 Updates: Port Macquarie; Black Salve; AVN; Denticare
12 #1 Dental Profession Fails Its Duty of Care - Part Two
 'Weary' Dunlop: Last Link with a Legend
 Do you, and others you know, have Fluoride Fatigue?
 Updates: Queensland ALP's "Water Torture"
11 #4 High Incidence of Premature Births and Stillbirths - Documenting a Likely Cause
 Carnarvon and the Fluoride Salesmen
 Film Festival shows Fire Water: Australia's Fluoridation Disgrace
 Telling and Seeing Only One Side
 Writing on the Wall: Canadian Medical Association Journal
 Your Wish Is Your Command: "Fluoride is a Toxin"
 Little By Little, Kindly, For a Worthwhile End
 Updates: Phillip Day; Gelatin Capsules; Tissue Analysis
11 #3 Dentists Fail Their Duty of Care - Part One
 Sir Edward (Weary) Dunlop
 Rise Above and Reclaim Our Freedom
 US Fluoride Promoters Put More "Writing on the Wall"
 Updates: Carnarvon, Federal Health Minister
11 #2 The Dr Blaylock Interview Watch on YouTube
 Beyond "Why Fluoridate?": Asking the Important Questions
 Updates: Yanchep and Two Rocks
11 #1 Fire Water: Australia's Fluoridation Disgrace - DVD Review
 Economic Impact Delays Fluoridation in Mulwala
 Cancer Link to Alcohol and Fluoridation
 Anzac Day 2011
 An Australian Example of Fluoridation Dictatorship
 Movie-Star Health Crusader praises AFN
 One Answer to Cancer - DVD Review
 Fluoride Impairs Response to Flashing Lights
10 #4 The Fluoridation Fantasy
 Review: The Essential Guide to Water and Salt
10 #3 A man willing to protect his family
 Banning Bottled Water and the Freedom to Choose
10 #2 The Fluoridation Train Wreck
 Updates: Carnarvon, Kununurra, Bunbury and Geelong
 Newspaper Story from the year 2020
10 #1 NSW Communities continue to resist the Fluoridation Push
 In Memoriam: Glen SR Walker
09 #4 Implications of the European Court of Justice Decision
 ECJ Buried for 4 Years
 Murray River Campaign
 Dr. Moolenburgh's "To Your Health!"
 Mock Beer Advertisement
09 #3 Fluoridation Overdose Scare
 Facts on Brisbane's Spill
 Damage to Great Barrier Reef
 QLD Govt ignores voters
 More Fluoride Spills
09 #2 The Fluoridation Fraud (Glen Walker's 2002 Radio Interview Transcript)
 Brisbane Overdose - Early Reports
09 #1 Fluoride Compounds: Three of Six Worst Air Pollutants
 Carbon Trading; Polluters Paid to Pollute
 Sensitivity of Plants; Deterioration in Dental Health
08 #5 Original Studies on Which Artificial Fluoridation of Water Supplies Was Based Were Worthless - Court Evidence Part II
08 #4 Original Studies on Which Artificial Fluoridation of Water Supplies Was Based Were Worthless - Court Evidence
 Isle of Man keeps Water Fluoridation Free
08 #3 Fluoride Air Pollution and Water Fluoridation - The Link
 Fluoride Air Pollution from Industry
08 #2 Fluoridation and the Illegal Disregard of Law
 Who Governs the Governments
 The Bulletin - Demise of an Australian Icon
 The Government's Spin on Fluoridation
08 #1 A New Year of Fluoridation
07 #6 Fluorine, fluorides and fluoridation: a little help for the perplexed
 Extremely Hazardous Substances, US Environment Protection Authority - Hydrogen Fluoride (HF)
 Fluoridation - A Cultural Myth, not a Science
 Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
 Damage to Nervous System from Fluoridated Water
 Corruption, Stupidity, Ignorance or Logic and Commonsense
 Toxic Dump Rorts
 Increase in Osteosarcoma in USA Fluoridated Areas
 Keep fit - avoid fluoridated water
07 #5 The Authentic Original History of Fluoridation
 Fluoride Teeth and the Atomic Bomb Special Edition (1997 Repeat)
 History of the Fluoridation Furphy
07 #4 Is There a Case of Government Fraud?
 No Choice for CHOICE Readers
 THE BLIND SCIENCE - There's none so blind as those who will not see.
 """Toddler dental disgrace"""
 Fluoridation Failed - Evidence Ignored for 60 Years
 Profits, Power and Corruption
 TOOTH-TRUTH - Fluoridation Truth Outlawed
07 #3 Pedigree Line of Fluoride Spin Doctors
 Sir James Killen's Opposition to Artificial Fluoridation
 Fluoride Poisoning in Killen"s Home Town
 The Parrot Scientific Dental Hyperbole
 Fluoridation, the Farcical Medical Concept
07 #2 The Fate of Honest Science and Professional Responsibility
 """Every Drop Counts"" - ""Our Water our Future"" (Vic Govt Advertisements)"
 FLUORIDATION FAULTY SCIENCE - Do "Teeth do better on Fluoride?" (Border Mail Advertisement, 5th April 2007)
 Famous statistician plagiarised false data to support water fluoridation
 Fluoride Hazards of Synthetic Rubber in Vehicles
07 #1 Scientific Fluoridation Myths
 We Have Trouble Ahead! Dental Problems from "High Authority"
 Killen, one of the last great parliamentarians, dies aged 81
06 #6Fluoridation's Destiny of Deceit
 Fluoride Science a la Dentistry & Company Pty Ltd
 Bottle Water Application to add a Fluoride Chemical to all clean bottled spring water!
 Brickworks charged with Fluoride Pollution
 One in Six Children Brain Damaged by Industrial Pollution
06 #5Fluoridation - the everlasting dead flower of Deception
 Toothpaste Tubes Corroded by Fluoride Toothpaste
 Tube of Toothpaste Could Kill
 NOTICE: Fluoride Toothpaste and Water Fluoridation both unsafe
 The Fluoridation Honour Roll "JACK MUTTON"
06 #4A Study of Fluoridation Confusion
 NFN Cartoon: Problem Child
 The Secret Fluoridation Code
 False Claim - Then Admission of Fluoride Poisoning of Children
06 #3Fluoride Poisoning of Horses from Artificially Fluoridated Drinking Water(Large PDF)
 Horses and Man
 No to fluoride toothpaste
 Water fluoridation does not comply with European Community Food and Drug Standards - Extracts of Summary Report by Doug Cross
 Tenterfield: Seven to One Against Fluoridation - But Department of Health say "This is a vote in favour of fluoridation"
06 #2Fluoridation the Greatest Con of All Time
 Fluoridation, A Medical Fantasy
06 #1Fluoridation a Geographic Health Hazard
 ABC TV "examines" toxic fumes at ALCOA plant (in Western Australia)
 The Smoking Gun (WHO)
 Fluoridation Banned in Holland (Australian Advertisement in 1977)
98 #3 The Continuing Story of the Atomic Bomb and the US Manhattan Project
 Hydrogen Fluoride
 People Action
 Alzheimers disease and dementia - important new study shows grave implications from interaction of aluminium and low dose fluoride
 In "Defence" of Fluoride - A tooth for a tooth!
97 #6 Fluoride, Teeth and the Atomic Bomb - By Joel Griffiths & Chris Bryson
97 #4 Chronic Fluorosis in Animals and Humans
 Power of the "Free Democratic" Press to Control Dental Science
 A Story of Honesty
 Pensioners oppose Fluoridation
 Eggs and Fluoride
 Fluoridation, The challenge to Truth
 Settlements for Fluoride Poisoning?
97 #2 Fluoride and Brain Damage
 Where does all the fluoridation data sent to the Government go? - Under the carpet!
 Toxicological Profile - Fluorides, Hydrogen Fluoride and Fluorine (F)
 Democracy or Demockery
 The Illegitimate Birth of Fluoridation
93 #6 Sir Edward Dunlop
 Some History of Australian Fluoridation
 Television comes clean on Fluoridation
 Fluoridation Briefs
93 #5 In Whom Do You Put Your Trust?
 Bairnsdale (Vic) Rejects Fluoridation
 The Artificial Fluoridation "Foreign Factor"
 Fluoride: The Aging Factor, 3rd Edition (1993) by Dr John Yiamouyiannis
 Fluoride can damage teeth: dentist (Canberra Times)
 NZ: Legal Battle on Fluoride
93 #4 The Fluoridation Fence-Sitters (Special Issue on Fluoridation Promotion Tactics)
 The Fluoridation Prittle Prattle
 Money For Ethics - Do you have a spare $20 million?
 The Blue Mountains
 Fluoridation - A Licence to Lie?
 Australia The Clever Country
 Dentist to Sue For Compensation (Dental Fluorosis)
 Fluoride Poisoning From Tasmanian Farms (Tamar)
 Fluoride and Parliament
 What is H2O?
 Fluoride Briefs: UK, Scotland, Queensland, Ringwood (Vic) Branch of Labor Party
 Stop Press: Warning on High Fluoride Baby Formula Foods
93 #3 A Fluoridation Battle is Won - The Battle of Poisoning Babies with Fluorides
 Editorial: Why Fluoridation is an Easy Exercise
 The Stamp of Fluoridation Propaganda
 The Dental House of Myths
 The Fluoridation Cash Register
93 #2 EPA Fluoridation Whistle-Blower Reinstated
 Fluoridation Justice in the Blue Mountains
 Fluoridation and the Press
 Hooked on Fluoride
 Saving the Babies
 Fluoridation Briefs
 Garden Recipe for Earwigs (Sodium Fluoride)
93 #1 Fluoride in Our Drinking Water
 The Changing World of Science
 Pregnancy and Fluoride Promotion
 Water Foot and Mouth Disease
 Tasmania, the Land of Hope But Little Glory
92 #6 Hip Fractures and Fluoridation
 Obituary: Robert J Mick, DDS
 Overdosing Babies with Fluorides
 The Philosophy of Fluoride - A Funny Equation
 Is Fluoridation Safe and Effective (continued from)
92 #5 Is Fluoridation Safe and Effective?
92 #4 Democracy and Honesty the Big Loser in the Blue Mountains - Public Revolt Against Fluoridation
 Save Babies from Fluoride Toxicity
 Rat Cartoon
 Company to stop Toothpaste Ads
 Is the Cover-up Intentional
92 #3 Fluoridation Kinks and Dents
 Fluorides are Good; But what For?
 Fluoridation Action Stations - NY Senate 1992
 Remarkable Contribution to the Fluoridation Discussion
 World Fluoridation Score
 New South Wales Health Department Slams Down Its Shutters
 Govt Movement to "Control Promotion of Drugs" - Don't Blink, you may miss the "movement"
 The Keystone of Fluoridation
 Letter (including aluminium and Alzheimer's)
92 #2 Australia The Lucky Country
 The Question of WHO Safety Claims of Fluorides
 The Fluoridation Stakes Prize - Credibility and Honesty
 Freedom of the Press
 Fluoride Warning
 Fluoride Mockery
 More Dentists in the Dock
 It's Happened Again - Tasmanian Farm Animals Poisoned - Bell Bay, Tasmania
92 #1 Fluoridation - Priority One in the New World Order
 Games Played by Our Politicians - "Can You Keep a Secret?"
 WARNING: Babies at Risk
 Has Dental Science Progressed Over 446 Years?
91 #6 The "Effectiveness" of Water Fluoridation (according to NHMRC 1991)
 Editorial: Govt Fluoride Medicine Without Responsibility or Accountability
 On the Waterfront (book)
 Fluoridation The Political Way
 Stop Press: Fluoride Defeated (Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Howlong, Gosford)
91 #5 Three Big Fluoridation Whoppers for 1991
 The Canberra Fluoridation Sequel
 Review of Fluoride - HHS (USA) 1991
 More Dentists in the Dock
91 #4 Democratic Light at the End of the Tunnel: Pensioners, Parent & Teachers, Tasmania
 Fluoridation Fence-Sitting
 The Minister for Misinformation
 Stop Press - NSW Election
 The Silent Treatment
 Dentists in the Dock - Update
 The Great Cover-up (Sealants)
 Fluoride Feedback
 The Fluoride Acid-Test
 Medical Fluoridation Opinions
 How Problems Disappear!
91 #3 Fluoridation Myths and Muffs
 Did We Hit a Raw Spot? Yes, We Touched a Very Sensitive Fluoridation Nerve
 How Scientific is the Use of Fluorides for Tooth Decay
 The Hat That Fits All Sizes
 Fluoridation Logistics - Northern Ireland
 Will Fluoridation be phased out like the Mumps Vaccine?
91 #2 ACT (Canberra) Govt Inquiry Recommends Reducing Fluoride Content by 50%, down to 0.5 ppm
  (Download a PDF copy of the ACT Fluoridation Inquiry (under "Longer Articles"). You can also still request a photocopy of the full Report from Canberra.)
 Fluoridation Blackmail Revisited
 Fluoride Prediction for Year 2000
 Foreign Fluoridation Propagandist Brought to Australia at Invitation of ADA
 Australian Health and Healing Magazine (May-July 1990)
 Is Tap and Rain Water Clean, Safe and Properly Controlled?
 The Immune System
 Brush Off for Fluoride
 New Book "Fluoridation" by Isabel Janssen, RN
91 #1 Dentists in the Dock - US Dentists Sue American Dental Association for Fraudulent Misrepresentation and Breach of Contract
 Is Fluoridation a Carcinogen?
 Health Knowledge and Responsibility - Constitutional and Moral Inquiry
 Another Fluoridation Whopper - NHMRC Working Group Report, Nov 1990
 Non-fluoridated Dental Magnesia Toothpaste
90 #6 A Review and Evaluation of fluoridated toothpaste
 New use for toothpaste
90 #4 Does Ripley (believe it or not) live in Tasmania?
 88 Saw the Berlin Wall fall...
 Medical Professionalism
 Another Fluoridation Monument has Decayed (Hastings NZ stops fluoridation)
 From Government Blackmail to Community Independence
90 #2 Australia's Fluoridated "Death Valley" - Court orders removal of fluoridation plant and compensation for farmer
79 #9 Fluoridation is Big Business
 Money Speaks Louder Than Evidence
 Fluoride Studies in a Patient with Arthritis
 What Some Experts Say about Fluoridation
 Councillors of Timaru Talk Twaddle
 Notice: next issue article by Prof Douw Steyn
 Particular Paragraphs all with a Particular Point
 DIY Science For Young Readers: Microbes as Space Travellers, by Vivian and Albert Schatz
 Compulsory Water Fluoridation (and opposition)
 Infant Mortality (and fluoridation)
1 #1 Sydney Water Board Rejects Fluoridation
 Fluoridation Abandoned
 From Far and Near
 Medical Officers Warn of Health Dangers
 How to Get Endorsements
 An Open Letter
 Decline in Community Acceptances
 Labor Conference Wants Compulsory Mass Medication
 Morals and Fluoridation
 10 Years Experience of Fluoridation
 Reasons for NOT Fluoridating
 A Leader Passes On
 Letter to the Editor
 How Fluoride Corrodes Plumbing

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