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Australian Fluoridation News

Glen Walker is the inspiration behind the AFN. What makes Glen such an incredible fellow is that he worked on the AFN until shortly before his untimely death, and at the age of 95.

How many other people of his age can claim to put in the work rate that Glen has?

Many accolades could be poured upon Glen, but I would like to quote from one of his books: Fluoridation, Poison on Tap.

About the Author:

Glen S. R. Walker, F.I.M.F., E.M.E.C.S., M.A.E.S., is Chairman of the Freedom From Fluoridation Federation of Australia, and of the Anti-Fluoridation Association of Victoria. His experience in technical and scientific organisations throughout the world has been extensive. In 1968 he was the first Australian to be made a Fellow of the Institute of Metal Finishing, London, an international society entry into which is controlled by technical and scientific examination, and his Fellowship was awarded for his work in that field which has received international recognition. He is also an Emeritus Member of the Electrochemical Society, U.S.A. having been a member for over forty years. He has represented Australia many times at international scientific conferences. His business and scientific interests took him overseas almost every year, where he studied developments in several fields of industry. During World War II, he acted as a consultant to the Australian Army, Navy and Air Force, the American Air Force, Government Ordinance Factories, and sub-contractors to the Ministry of Munitions. He was a member of a Sub-Committee of the Wartime Ministry of Munitions which controlled the use and supply of strategic metals. He was also a partner in a chemical company that manufactured special chemicals war-time use. He has written many papers for local and overseas journals.

After the war he was the proprietor of a chemical laboratory which held a highest qualification in Australia - registration by the N.A.T.A. (National Association of Testing Authorities). The author and the staff of this laboratory pioneered the determination trace impurities in electrolytes, using the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer which was invented by the C.S.I.R.O. This is now universally used throughout the world. Glen Walker also held a number of patents in the field of metal finishing. The Author's experience with fluorides, cover over forty years from when the chemical was first used in electrochemical formulations, and remembers the hazards and dangers in using fluoride chemicals, and the extreme caution required in handling them. Long before his active interest in fluoridation, he was "a voice in the wilderness" being an early advocate for the control of industrial pollution. In 1969 he gave evidence before an Australian Government Senate Select Committee, and offered his services to establish a policy from which industry would not only be encouraged, but made aware of the necessity, availability and economy of proper effluent treatment plants. He studied proven processes in the U.S.A. and obtained manufacturing rights for Australia. Further representation to the Federal and State Governments and its departments, resulted in complete indifference. Is it any wonder he looked upon the Victorian Compulsory Fluoridation Act of 1973 with interest and great concern? Instead of industrial chemical waste disposal units, the Government now makes every person in Victoria a walking waste disposal unit for a trade waste.

There is still an active website for the 'AFN'. However, it is only sporadically updated. If you want more information, then ...

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scientifically advanced and health conscious countries such as Denmark, Finland, France. Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden have totally rejected fluoridation?

there has never been a scientific study in Australia or the world to prove the safety of fluoridation?

no studies in Australia to prove fluoridation perfectly safe for all people?

fluoride is a poison that accumulates in your body and one-third of a teaspoonful of sodium fluoride is estimated to be a lethal dose?

there has been no clinical research which proves fluoride stops dental caries, only clever and persistent propaganda?

young children should never use fluoridated toothpaste because they have no control over the amount swallowed? In fact many children eat the stuff because it is enticingly flavoured.

fluoridated toothpaste can contain up to 1500 p.p.m. of fluoride? There is enough in one tube to kill a child!

nature knows best? There is virtually no fluoride in mothers' milk? A bottle-fed baby on formula food reconstituted with fluoridated water, receives 700% above N.H. and M.R.C. and W.H.O. suggested maximum safe daily intake of fluoride for babies. Many world medical scientists consider the fluoride intake should be zero.

the Tasmanian Royal Commission 1968 and the Victorian Inquiry 1980 estimated 10% of children in fluoridated populations will suffer dental fluorosis, i.e. mottled teeth. The latest research shows 48%.

the British Medical Research Council and the American Medical Association and the N.H. and M.R.C. state that dental fluorosis is the first sign of chronic fluoride poisoning? Why is this appalling medical condition tolerated?

there were over 100 Statutory Declarations claiming harm from fluoridation, some with Doctors' Certificates, sent to the Victorian Inquiry through our Association. Not one person was contacted or examined by the Government Committee and no mention was made in the Report so that the Premier was able to announce that "no harm was reported"!!!


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