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Education Index

The study of fluorides and water fluoridation is not just about science, it is about vested interests and dubious motivations.

Talk to any 'professional' person about incompetence and corruption, whether they be an industrialist, politician or a scientist, and they switch off completely.

Those who consider themselves to be powerful, educated or privileged frequently refuse to accept that their particular section of society is anything but sincere and beneficial.

And yet history is littered with stories of abuse of power. As the saying goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The first port of call for the 'layperson' is the Infodocs section. This is a collection of materials which takes the reader through a number of 'lessons'.

    • In Infodoc f18 there is a very basic summary of the main points contained within this series of documents. In essence, it is a useful guide to take to public meetings.
    • Opinion Polls shows how the pro-fluoride lobby uses disinformation to deceive those they would wish to influence the most.
    • The Picture Gallery (Pictures) give the reader an opportunity to see for themselves the damage fluoride can do to the human body.
    • Unethical Conduct will contain information on (directly) non-fluoride related issues.It is necessary to remind the reader that we do live in a corrupt world and that all too often ordinary innocent people are the victims of deceit, lies, poor medical ethics and secretive experiments.