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The story of water fluoridation began at the beginning of the 20th century but it was not until much later that the disputes, claims, arguments and accusations that have been made about this foul practice, have been made transparent to the public at large.

Fluoridation presented a new opportunity to industries which produced toxic fluoride waste products. Rather than be seen as 'villains of the peace', they could now transform the disposal of their 'by-products' into something perhaps never experienced before - a public health measure. "Garbage into gold" is the expression most commonly used to describe this transformation.

There is also no doubt that the promoters of fluoridation have had a very healthy head start on their opponents inasmuch that they were able to influence and control early research, as well as infiltrate and manipulate government bodies. And by manipulating political institutions and science, by using the 'hard sell' approach to con subordinates, the unconvinced and the sceptical, by the use of propaganda and fear of the establishment, the proponents of fluoridation built up a powerful movement which was to sweep away virtually all opposition. But even with the support that the proponents have built up either through fear, corruption or simple blinkered and unwavering trust, it is not enough to keep the bandwagon rolling.

Today we have the more information at our fingertips than we could ever have dreamed of just a few decades ago.

And despite the reluctance of some official Government departments, agencies or bodies to release information, there is certainly more openness and more access to valuable and meaningful data. As a consequence, the proponents of fluoridation can no longer hide behind bad science, one-sided propaganda and the control or corruptibility of public servants, scientists or important and influential institutions. Accountability is now the name of the game.

You do not have to be an Einstein to understand simple science. You do not need a degree in law to understand the obvious breach of human rights. You do not need to be told again and again how devious, dishonest, stupid or egotistical some of our politicians are.

Fluoridation and its consequences should be made honestly, openly and in clear language so that everyone can understand the implications and risks involved.

But the establishment will still not give way. The proponents of fluoridation still to this day use trickery, and deception, and all with the blessing, financial support and approval of political, scientific and industrial institutions.

This is why yet another site dedicated to exposing some of the darker and lesser known facts of fluoridation has been created. And as a consequence of what has gone before, and because of the hard lessons learned, this site will be dedicated to speaking openly about fluoridation.

Sometimes the language will be uncompromising, brutal and implicit. No apologies are made for adopting this approach because it is necessary to do so in the face of an establishment which has lost the right to be treated with respect.