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So how bad are the Americans?

Thy wee-bit housie, too, in ruin!

It's silly wa's the win's are strewin!

An' naething, now, to big a new ane,

O' foggage green!

An' bleak December's win's ensuin,

Baith snell an' keen!

From: To a Mouse. A poem written by Robert Burns in 1785

America's foreign policy is notoriously infamous. Since independence, it has always felt the need to interfere with other nations and whatever wars were being fought in other parts of the world.

But how far would they go? What follows is one example of their internation ambitions, their ill-conceived and secretive 'alliance' with the Nazis, and how far they considered going to achieve all they desired.

This last paragraph will possibly have you wondering why someone could possibly say that America was pro-Nazi during the 30s.

It's no great secret that the Americans (and I mean the American establishment) were investing in Germany under Hitler. It is no great secret they were providing some of the technology and materials needed to get Hitler's war machine rolling.

We also know that America is voraciously anti-Communist, and that the threat of the spread of Communism would threaten Europe. Ironic in some ways as it was certain American facilities that helped provide the resources for a Bolshevik Revolution. But the irony is tempered by the fact that the Americans use the rest of the world like a chessboard. Their reasoning is not always transparent, though we do know that they do like to start wars at the proverbial 'drop of a hat'. In other words, if they need to start a war for political purposes, and the environment does not exist to start one, than first create the enviroment which can be 'festered' - until the conditions are ideal to start a war.

Anyway, and as with the conspiracy to promote fluoride and water fluoridation globally, the Americans had global ambitions which were kept secret for a very long time.

One such conspiracy was to attack British interests around the world. It was named 'War Plan Red' ("WPR"), and was a plan to (initially) attack British forces in Canada. This 'plan' was contrived during the late 20s and early 30s. Even up to the start of World War II, WPR was kept 'on the backburner'.

So, here we have a country (America) which is giving the impression that it is not actively supporting the Nazis, but providing them with what they needed.

"The war plan outlined those actions that would be necessary to initiate war between Britain and the United States."

'The Plan'

A clear indication that support for the Nazies was very much alive in America

Nazi sympathisers marching down New York's Park Avenue

More about WPR can be read here: WAR PLAN RED

To summarise so far ...

It's quite obvious that the Americans were not exactly our friends in the run-up to World War II. In fact, if the bombing raid on Pearl Harbour had not been contrived and implemented, then the Americans may still have continued to support the Nazis throughout the war. Who knows how far they would have let them (the Nazis) advance before we knew what was happening?


  • Powerful people make powerful plans, and then inflict them upon vulnerable minorities. Water fluoridation is but one.
  • The truth about water fluoridation is frequently ignored, or concealled, by those in the establishment who refuse to be diverted from whatever plans they have for humanity
  • Countless respected and highly qualified professional people, scientists, and even the occasional Nobel Prize winner, can see water fluoridation for what it is. A massive medical fraud.
  • The plan to fluoridate water wherever possible, is a war being fought on many battle grounds
  • Too many people who are qualified to speak on the issue know what is happening, but their voices are drwoned out by those in the establishment, the toxic waste-producing industries, toothpaste manufacturers, and other well-placed interests whose motives are driven by greed, corruption, or whatever. But the common denominators are usually money and power
  • History has many factual accounts of how far some will go to get what they want. Water fluoridation is very much on the agenda of the modern-day misanthropes.
  • Your only choices are: [1] To avoid all fluoridated water (very difficult); [2] To be informed and fight as hard as you can to resist it being implemented in your community

That's it, I'm afraid. It is said that evil people succeed because good people do nothing. There are not enoguh good people to fight against the vested interests and all the wealth and power they wield.

But a revolution has to begin somewhere. Honest and decent scientists, who see their profession tainted by the well-paid, sleazy, corrupt and immoral spokespeople, who also dare to call themselves 'scientists', are fighting hard on your behalf. They need your support. It's the angels versus the demons. It's the antis versus the pro-fluoridationists. Sheep on my right hand, goats on my right. Where do you stand?


I'm not pretending to link all of this together as one massive conspriacy involving fluoride, secret societies, the Nazis, etc. But what you should note is that there will always be certain people who will have no respect for human life and see the greater masses merely as a 'pool of experimental sujects'. It's not just fluoride either. Even more recent history is littered with revelations of how innocent and unknowing subjects have been experimented upon without being told exactly what is being done to them.

So lets be PERFECTLY clear about this: Under a democratic system, everyone has the right to be informed and be given freedom of choice. The reality is that those who think they have power over life and death do not give a stuff about your rights. This is water fluoridation in a nutshell. Our politicians are far too corrupt, or too feeble-minded, to stop this outrageous practice. That is the state of affairs.