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Toxic Waste

A byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer industry, the following images are of heavily contaminated (with fluoride) gypsum 'lakes'. We then follow-up with more images about 'resolving' the toxic waste problem. Think about these images ...

Cry Me a River ... as the song goes. How about a lake? How about a reservoir of misery? Whatever you want to call it, fluoride toxic waste is a problem, a very BIG problem.

How about a sinkhole appearing in a gypsum pond?

Houston, we have a problem ...

"WASHINGTON -- Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC, a subsidiary of The Mosaic Company, has reached around $2 billion settlements with federal and state environmental agencies to resolve charges of mismanagement of onsite waste materials at its fertilizer manufacturing facilities in Florida and Louisiana. Read more ...

Gotta get rid of the problem ...

Garbage into Gold, Poison into Pounds, whatever you want to call it. Send it to the water company. Toxic waste disposal has never been so profitable!

Must not forget Sodium Fluoride from the Aluminium industry. They have a disposal problem as well. Guess what? That's even more dangerous ... sorry ... beneficial to children's teeth!

Well, guess that's one way of adding it (in scientifically measured doses) to water

Line up, kids! Time for your daily dose of poison ... sorry ... medication! And look! Now we're hiding it (fluoride) in milk too!

Don't worry if you cannot get the milk. There's plenty of it (fluoride) in the tap-water.