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This notice will apear in every section of our HREX database. We ask that you to consider the vast extense of information made available on this website, and as a consequence, we have NOT been able to confirm all of the links we give to the files listed below.

There is a simple solution to any problems encountered. Thus:

  • If you encounter a message saying that a document is not available because the link is damaged, then log into the US Department of Energy's website and use the file reference to search their database. Simply use their search function on the homepage of this website to find the file you wish to examine and then it should open.
  • When you do find a broken link, please report it to us so we can download another file which will have a working link. Please note that any current broken links on our website are not our fault, but that of the US DoE's website.

Link to the US Department of Energy's OpenNet Database

*Note: Remove the text '.pdf' when searching, leaving just the reference (eg. '123456.pdf' becomes '123456')

How the folders are arranged

Sometimes, searching for different terms can yield the same resulting document. For example, if you search for fluoride, fluorine and sodium fluoride, they may all appear in one document. Ergo, and to save server space, we shall locate these multiple references and give just one link to one folder. So, when searching for the aforementioned terms, they will all appear in the fluoride folder. After all, there is no point duplicating the same document in three different folders (fluoride, fluorine and sodium fluoride).

Conversely, if only a single search term appears anywhere in a document, then it will be put in the appropriate folder. Again, for example, if you search for 'fluorine', and no other terms appear in the document found (does NOT contain fluoride, sodium fluoride, etc.), then it will be located in the fluorine folder.

Finally, all documents will open in a new window. This means you can remain in the folder you are exploring without your working browser window being directly diverted to another folder.

Thank you for taking time to read this notice.

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