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2-1-2002 India: Fluorosis affects 8 districts in Rajasthan
3-1-2002 Ireland: River water quality rated as 'mediocre'
8-1-2002 USA: 'No fluoride' is recommendation
9-1-2002 Ireland: Probe urged into fluoride in water link to cancer
9-1-2002 USA: Fluoride bill draws spirited testimony. "It is interesting that those advocating mandatory fluoridation, who claimed to have all the scientific data on their side, were not willing to stand up and defend that evidence," Rep. Barbara Hull Richardson
10-1-2002 USA: Spotlight turns to Maui County in fluoride battle
12-1-2002 USA: Lanai drinking water will not be fluoridated
13-1-2002 USA: Hawaii sends an important message to the US Government: a 46-3 survey vote against fluoridation ...
16-1-2002 USA: Another 'kick in the teeth' for the toxic fluoride drug-pushers ... Kennewick votes NO to fluoridation
17-1-2002 USA: ... and the results just keep coming in ... Colorado: Fluoride gets the brush off
18-1-2002 Suite 101: Don't trust your dentist
20-1-2002 From the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, USA: When Fluoridation Ends - So Do Cavities
23-1-2002 India: Another fluoride-cancer study
26-1-2002 Ireland: Anti-fluoridation campaign hits election
27-1-2002 USA: Fluoride issue resurfaces in Oneida
29-1-2002 Australia: Polluted - Alcoa admits waste-pile leaks
2-2002 England: 'Alarmist' fluoride reports undermine efforts
3-2-2002 USA: Pro-fluoride lobby attempting financial blackmail?
4-2-2002 USA: Fluoride could lead to corrosion at Yucca, report says
6-2-2002 Fluoride renegades accuse minister of poisoning children
6-2-2002 USA: California High Court Allows Suits Against Water Companies
6-2-2002 USA: Sierra Club Opposes Mandatory Drinking Water Fluoridation
7-2-2002 Ireland: Greens Launch Fluoridation Bill [... TO HALT MASS MEDICATION OF IRISH POPULATION WITH FLUORIDE]
7-2-2002 UK: Uninformed Consent?
8-2-2002 Greens demand ban on fluoride in water
8-2-2002 Ireland: Green Party bill to end fluoridation is non-negotiable, says Gormley
10-2-2002 USA: Fluoride wording deleted from bill
11-2-2002 UK: Lords to debate 'misleading' NHS 'propaganda' on fluoridated school milk
13-2-2002 USA: Changes may disrupt fluoridation
14-2-2002 Bangladesh: A new danger confronts Assamese
16-2-2002 UK: Pro-Fluoride dental lobby show dislike for 'probing' comments
18-2-2002 Ireland: Call to cease Fluoridation
21-2-2002 Ireland: Wants fluoride banned
21-2-2002 USA: Water Fluoride Levels Too High
24-2-2002 USA: Legacy Highway and fluoride spark debate at town meeting
25-2-2002 Ireland: Fluoride concern - Fluoride unsafe for bottle-feeding infants!
25-2-2002 Ireland: Greens accuse Government of giving misleading information
27-2-2002 USA: Councilman calls for fluoride referendum
27-2-2002 USA: San Antonio, Texas, Begins to Receive Water from New Aquifer
28-2-2002 Ireland: Intel pollution control licence is packed with conditions
1-3-2002 Ireland: Call to cease Fluoridation
1-3-2002 New Zealand: Council votes to end fluoridation
1-3-2002 USA: Fluoride bill goes on
3-3-2002 USA: 3 Loyal Citizens aim to change the system
4-3-2002 Ireland: Tap water in infant formula is a danger to children
5-3-2002 USA: Hard To Swallow
5-3-2002 USA: Nowata City Commissioners vote to remove fluoride from drinking water
6-3-2002 Australia: Thiel Subdivision residents face water rate increases, high fluoride levels
7-3-2002 Ireland: Eurofile Patsy McArdle
7-3-2002 USA: CSD, DWP may mix water
11-3-2002 New Zealand: "Epidemic of decay" in fluoridated New Zealand
11-3-2002 USA: Battle over additive in water rages on
11-3-2002 WHO press release [3rd March]: Environmental hazards kill at least 3 million children aged under 5 every year "... In China alone, an estimated 2.7 million people may suffer from skeletal fluorosis, an irreversible crippling condition that is caused by the consumption of fluoride-rich drinking water".
12-3-2002 Australia: Australian study shows number of fractures rising rapidly
12-3-2002 India: Tamarind Supplements Increase Fluoride Excretion, May Help Delay Fluorosis
12-3-2002 New Zealand: Tauranga throws out fluoride plan
14-3-2002 USA: Woods Bay residents seek to replace water pipes [Residents at risk from high fluoride levels]
17-3-2002 Bartlesville Public Works: City will continue fluoridation of water
20-3-2002 UK: 'Frankenstein' science finds way to combine fluorine and carbon
21-3-2002 UK: Dentistry Debate
22-3-2002 WHO: Aid Groups Urge Action on Water-Borne Diseases
23-3-2002 USA: Financial questions on fluoride vote
24-3-2002 USA: Water issues dominating election talks
26-3-2002 UK: Fluorinated antidepressant has potential to "stimulate the growth of brain tumours"?
28-3-2002 USA: Council to hear view on fluoride & Prof: 'I am against fluoridation'
30-3-2002 USA: Vaccine against cavities approaches trials in humans & Human tests to start soon on vaccine for cavities
2-4-2002 USA: Fluoride defeated
2-4-2002 USA: Fluoride Supplements - Don't Use Them
4-4-2002 USA: High fluoride levels still a threat to community
5-4-2002 USA: Communities victims of fluoride "bait and switch"
5-4-2002 USA: Fluoride foes urge grassroots effort
6-4-2002 USA: Fluoride dictatorship rules in Escondido
9-4-2002 USA: City Council will decide if fluoridation goes to referendum
9-4-2002 USA: EPA Settles with General Electric
11-4-2002 Ireland: Concern about drinking water
11-4-2002 USA: Fluoride friction jeopardizes shared water supply
12-4-2002 Ireland: New scandal: tap water and baby feed
12-4-2002 New Zealand: Kaitake and Inglewood have fluoride ruled out
12-4-2002 UK: A spoonful of propaganda
12-4-2002 USA: "Screaming" pro-fluoridation 'expert' refuses to answer questions on fluoride dangers
16-4-2002 USA: Demand for pure water still on the increase
18-4-2002 Ireland: Come clean with water findings
18-4-2002 UK: Dentistry Debate letters
19-4-2002 PFPC [Canada]: The latest fluoride scandal: the evidence that links fluoride to gingivitis and oral cancer.
25-4-2002 'Fluorescent' (or fluoride) particles used in germ warfare tests?: SECRET GERM WARFARE TESTS HIGHLIGHTED IN REPORT & Millions were in germ war tests
25-4-2002 Ireland: Green Party outlines election issues
27-4-2002 USA: Up to $2,500,000 to be spent to pollute Pierce County's water
29-4-2002 Australia: Serious tooth decay at five [40% of 5-year-olds suffering tooth decay in 86% fluoridated Western Australia]
29-4-2002 USA: "... officials continue to thumb their noses at the citizens of Plainville ..."
30-4-2002 Ireland: Group urging end to water fluoridation backs Boyle
1-5-2002 Australia: Industrial waste sold as fertiliser
2-5-2002 Ireland: McGirl tells Health Board flouridation is an "undemocratic process"
2-5-2002 New Zealand: Fluoride battle continues
2-5-2002 USA: FdL fluoride opponents to circulate petition
5-5-2002 USA: Cities rejecting fluoride
7-5-2002 Australia: The great red mud experiment that went radioactive
7-5-2002 India: India confronted with problem of low quality water
7-5-2002 Ireland: Call for health boards to carry out an annual inspection programme of fluoridation plants
7-5-2002 USA: Dentists Show Fluoridation a Failure
7-5-2002 USA: Fluoride foes protest use of chemical
8-5-2002 India: World Bank, USAID promise minister infrastructure, development support
11-5-2002 USA: IBM worried about fluoride damaging silicon microchips
12-5-2002 Israel: Truth decay more deadly than tooth decay
12-5-2002 This site: The Dentistry Debate & follow-up letters
15-5-2002 USA: Fluoride opponents fight back
15-5-2002 USA: Judge to rule on fluoridation
16-5-2002 Ireland: Corrupt Government
16-5-2002 USA: Childish and stubborn pro-fluoridation lobby refuses to join campaign to fight dental decay?
20-5-2002 USA: Fluoridation mandate looms
21-5-2002 New Zealand: A new word for a dangerous fluoride product: '1080'
21-5-2002 USA: Alexandria ranked 7th in Va. for toxins
22-5-2002 USA: Campaign for drinking safe water under way
22-5-2002 USA: Group of residents requests halt to fluoridation expansion
25-5-2002 USA: Broken fluorescent light forces evacuation of library building
26-5-2002 USA: Fluoride wasteful, scientific fraud
28-5-2002 S Africa: Durban delays decision on fluoridated water
28-5-2002 UK: Fluoride idea has echoes of Monty Python
30-5-2002 USA: Bottled water not affecting tooth decay
31-5-2002 USA: Anti-fluoride petition may get OK today
1-6-2002 USA: Extent of fluorosilicic acid disposal problem highlighted
1-6-2002 USA: Trouble on tap?
3-6-2002 USA: Action committee gathers signatures against chemical
5-6-2002 Ireland: Yet more research on water fluoridation
5-6-2002 New Zealand: Anti-fluoride campaigner disappointed
5-6-2002 USA: Fluoride debate rages on
5-6-2002 USA: Fluoride suspected as 23 in Dublin grow ill
5-6-2002 USA: Judge: No fluoride in Woods Cross water
5-6-2002 USA: Oneida fluoridation hearing on June 25
5-6-2002 USA: Too much fluoride sickens workers
6-6-2002 USA: Effects of fluoridation rule may be felt throughout Davis County
6-6-2002 USA: Fluoride Foes Offer More Names In Bid for New Davis County Vote
7-6-2002 USA: Fluoridation struggle complicated
7-6-2002 USA: Judge: City broke law in fluoridating
10-6-2002 USA: Lakewood to vote on fluoride
11-6-2002 New Zealand: Be rational, anti-fluoride campaigner urges
11-6-2002 New Zealand: Fluoride advocates 'scared'
11-6-2002 UK: 'Toothbrush' initiative sees "... 46% drop in kids needing fillings."
12-6-2002 USA: Judge gets it right
13-6-2002 Australia: No fluoride in Mount Alexander Shire water
13-6-2002 South Africa: Anti-Fluoride Lobby Rallies Top Support
13-6-2002 USA: Federal Agency Says Paducah, Ky., Uranium Enrichment Plant Could Pose Hazard
14-6-2002 Canada: Brant County fined $45,000
14-6-2002 South Africa: Fluoride in water - yes or no?
14-6-2002 USA: Davis voters face fluoride issue again
16-6-2002 USA: What's in the water?
19-6-2002 USA: Public meeting will address issue of water fluoridation
20-6-2002 USA: "Toxic Hotspot" - Alcoa spends "$26 million" to reduce fluoride emissions. Where's the 'clawback'?
20-6-2002 USA: Centerville "... between a rock and a hard place ..."
21-6-2002 UK: Fluoride fascism raises it's ugly head in Cumbria
23-6-2002 USA: Diligent Mayor acts to defend public process - overturns fluoride vote
23-6-2002 USA: West Jordan nervous about fluoridating
24-6-2002 New Zealand: A salient message: how the medical profession tries to impose its will
24-6-2002 NZ: Hidden Dangers?
27-6-2002 Israel: Fluoride in water is not compulsory
29-6-2002 UK: Bacteria recruited to resist tooth rot
30-6-2002 S Africa: Nuclear plant to supply fluoride for water & Opponents gnash teeth at fluoride law
30-6-2002 USA: Redding City closer to crucial decision
1-7-2002 The "Fuzzy Math" of Fluoride Promotion
3-7-2002 S Africa: Letter to President Mbeki - and the media [original copy]
3-7-2002 USA: Redding city threatened by fascist dictate from California Attorney General
3-7-2002 USA: Tom's of Maine launch new fluoride-free children's toothpaste
4-7-2002 India: Students studying effect of fluorides, etc., on medicinal plants
4-7-2002 USA: Fluoridation not imminent
5-7-2002 India: New website with new pictures of fluoride-damaged limbs
10-7-2002 Israel: Herzliya objects to fluoride
10-7-2002 USA: Davis commission hesitant on revote
10-7-2002 USA: Hole In Dental Education Must Be Filled
11-7-2002 USA: Watsonville water fluoridation controversy to be put to public vote
12-7-2002 USA: Fluoride vote may not happen
13-7-2002 Canada: In-house water purifiers are attracting the attention of buyers and builders
13-7-2002 USA: 60 percent say 'No' to fluoridation
13-7-2002 USA: Fluoridation decision goes to Nov. ballot
16-7-2002 USA: "At-risk" children receive "fluoridation", fillings, root canal treatments and sealants
16-7-2002 USA: Fluoridation blackmail in Farmington
18-7-2002 USA: 'Fluoride sludge' to be spread on farmland
19-7-2002 UK: Boss is against fluoride in water [Also see Press Release #001]
19-7-2002 USA: Fluoride tab $600,000 so far
23-7-2002 Malay: The truth about carcinogens
24-7-2002 USA: Fluoridation Fails Poor Children, New Studies Show
25-7-2002 USA: Officials delay fluoride decision
28-7-2002 USA: Clearfield delays fluoride charge
29-7-2002 USA: Spilled Acid Concerns Residents in Macomb Co.
29-7-2002 USA: The Big Lie: Fluoridation Helps the Poor
31-7-2002 Belgium bans chewing gum and food products with fluoride
31-7-2002 Ireland: IDOF Press Release
31-7-2002 USA: Fond du Lac officials in fear of new fluoride referendum?
1-8-2002 Europe: EU threatening Belgian stand on fluoride products
1-8-2002 Letter to the Editor [J. of Dental Research]
1-8-2002 USA: Fluoride opponents come out
1-8-2002 USA: Hillsboro gets fluoridation levy proposal
2-8-2002 USA: Fluoride causes surge in filter sales
3-8-2002 USA: Davis fluoridation proponents sink to new low Also see: Davis commission to review fluoride
3-8-2002 USA: Scandalous science - fluoridation opponents v. 'chickens'
7-8-2002 USA: Another Vote On Fluoride Is Met With Pledge to Sue
7-8-2002 USA: Fluoride revote will move forward
8-8-2002 USA: Common sense and decency prevail in Oneida
8-8-2002 USA: Fluoride topic of hot debate at Arkansas-side City Hall
10-8-2002 USA: Salt Lake County Will Hear Comments On Fluoridation
11-8-2002 UK: Dentists to get salaries to cap unnecessary work "... some unscrupulous practitioners maximise their income by giving patients unnecessary fillings."
12-8-2002 Ireland: 'Fluoride is poisoning Ulster's children'
13-8-2002 UK: It's 1952 and ... "14 tons of grossly toxic fluorine compounds" threatens Londoners
14-8-2002 USA: Arrogant fluorophiles ignoring common sense
14-8-2002 USA: Texas side weighs in on fluoride
15-8-2002 USA: Newly fluoridated San Antonio preparing to 'cheat' the statistics - 'Crest Healthy Smiles 2010' campaign will distort the figures on dental health improvements. *See letter to the editor (Express News, SA).
15-8-2002 USA: Opposition to 'harmful fluoridation' Congressional Bills
16-8-2002 USA: Hypocritical dentists try to prevent democratic vote
19-8-2002 S Africa: [Some] Dentists and doctors support fluoridation totalitarianism
19-8-2002 USA: Alzheimer's in America
19-8-2002 USA: Fluoridation - Cons - Other Viewpoints - Pros
20-8-2002 USA: Kalispell fluoride vote on November ballot paper
22-8-2002 India: Fluorosis haunts Pavagada taluk
22-8-2002 Ireland: Earth Summit Ireland condemns fluoridation
26-8-2002 USA: Council to mull fluoride issue tonight
27-8-2002 Caution: Fluoride Can Be Hazardous to Your Health, Researchers Report
27-8-2002 Caution: Fluoride Can Be Hazardous to Your Health, Researchers Report
27-8-2002 USA: Cities plan joint fluoride hearing
28-8-2002 UK: Dentist pursuing post-WWII science
28-8-2002 USA: The 'chickens' still haven't answered ...
29-8-2002 S Africa: Gauteng to discuss fluoridation
30-8-2002 UK: Birmingham-based weather girl wins £37,500 for ruined smile
30-8-2002 USA: A mere 4ppm of fluoride helps to condemn well
31-8-2002 USA: Fluoride case to be heard
2-9-2002 Belgium: Brushing beats supplements - Belgium's fluoride ban
2-9-2002 Canada: Dentist 'fed up with treating fluorosis'
2-9-2002 India: Fluoride toothpaste harmful for children
2-9-2002 India: MAMC survey of dental problems
3-9-2002 Australia: ALCOA 'in the dock' again. [1] Kwinana K58 cancer tie - [2] History of workers' health worries - [3] Workers document health fears. Earth Summit: Australia painted as an international pariah
3-9-2002 Ireland: At long last - the Irish Fluoridation Forum is prepared to report! The delay ... "shows an irresponsible lack of concern for the health and welfare of Irish citizens." Avril Doyle, Fine Gael MEP.
3-9-2002 Ireland: Health website pre-empts Forum findings
3-9-2002 On this site: A new webpage dedicated to ALCOA
3-9-2002 USA: Georgia Aquarium removes fluoride
4-9-2002 Australia: Dirty PC Monitor - don't use fluoride!
4-9-2002 USA: Arkansas side to vote on fluoride
5-9-2002 USA: "Some 30 percent to 50 percent of all pharmaceuticals now contain fluorine,"
6-9-2002 Ireland: Forum to toe the MRC line?
12-9-2002 USA: Fluoride (PFIB: perfluoroisobutylene) chemical weapons: Flura boss in Soviet Union link "... it fell into disuse decades ago but found its way into the arsenal of the former Soviet Union as a chemical weapon."NOTE: "... PFIB is classified as a Schedule II toxic substance and weapon of mass destruction."
12-9-2002 USA: Fluoride in Hillsboro water will require a flood of money
14-9-2002 Ireland: Fluoride cut over damage to teeth
14-9-2002 USA: Cotter gets green light to test safety measures
14-9-2002 USA: Judge to decide soon on fluoridation re-vote
14-9-2002 USA: Other cities not silent on fluoride
15-9-2002 USA: Superfund site in possible serious fluoride risk
16-9-2002 USA: Cities outside Texarkana want fluoridation say
16-9-2002 USA: Davis County's 9-11: fluoride fanatics succeed in attempt to demolish 'twin towers' of freedom and democracy
17-9-2002 UK: Fluoride in school milk plan cut due to costs
17-9-2002 UN Agency: Hydrogen Fluoride contributing to global warming
17-9-2002 USA: [Fluoride-free] Penta Water Reaches Celebrity Status
19-9-2002 USA: National Oil and Hazardous Substance Pollution Contingency Plan; National Priorities List "Arsenic, sodium, cyanide and fluoride were detected at concentrations above Florida drinking water standards and required remedial action." [1993/4]
20-9-2002 Israel: Knesset supports repeal of a new regulation that require local authorities to add fluorides to the water supply
20-9-2002 Japan: Toxic [fluorine] compound threatens Tokyo Bay
20-9-2002 USA: Council shirks fluoridation issue
20-9-2002 USA: Council threatens Water Authority & Water Authority takes 'Stalinist' stance
20-9-2002 USA: Dept Health & Human Services: Card-sharp Bush wants to play with stacked deck
22-9-2002 UK: Scotland threatened by fluoridation
23-9-2002 UK: Crabshell toothpaste 'fights decay'
24-9-2002 USA: Fluoride hearing planned
25-9-2002 USA: Fluoride flack?
26-9-2002 Chile: Noranda leaves its mark on Chile "Salmon producers, who raise their fish in inlets and bays up and down Chile's southern coastal area, worry of harm to their stocks in Chacabuco Bay near the proposed plant, in the form of fluoride emissions and unspecified industrial accidents."
26-9-2002 Russia: Russia-NATO mock terrorist exercise calculates fluoride risk
26-9-2002 UK: MP Says 'NO' to fluoride
27-9-2002 Singapore: Japan's Stella Chemifa opens S$50mil plant
27-9-2002 USA: Dentures on the way out as scientists 'grow' teeth
28-9-2002 UK: 'Own goal' warning over milk
28-9-2002 USA: Leachable dental filling contains substrate of aluminium fluoride
30-9-2002 Ireland: Taking us for gombeens on fluoridation
30-9-2002 PFPC: New damning critique of the MRC
1-10-2002 Argentina: San Luis dam, aqueduct projects continue on hold
1-10-2002 USA: Board to reconsider fluoridation
2-10-2002 Malta: Malta has fluoride problem
2-10-2002 NYSCOF: Discoloured Teeth Linked to Bone Fractures in Naturally Fluoridated Area
2-10-2002 USA: Arkansas-side residents to vote on fluoride
3-10-2002 USA: Fluoride Ban In City Water Voted On By Erie Council
3-10-2002 USA: Hypocrisy and threats from pro-fluoridation Tacoma-Pierce County Board of Health
4-10-2002 USA: Deal To Fix Pollution System Keeps Phosphate Plant Open
5-10-2002 USA: EPA voices 'alarm' over Cotter mill - Concern over 3,120 drums of calcium fluoride used for uranium process
5-10-2002 USA: Plainville and North Attleboro continue to argue over end to fluoridation
6-10-2002 Australia: Health warning on duct tape "... Lead Free Plastic Tape, gave off 22 times the lethal limit of the gas hydrogen fluoride while burning. The gas can cause irreversible and fatal lung damage."
6-10-2002 UK: Teething troubles
7-10-2002 UK: Can a new gas put an end to fillings?
8-10-2002 India: Lack of water problem compounded by fluoride blight
8-10-2002 USA: Speakers predict fluoride defeat
9-10-2002 Chile: Salmon farmers threaten to quit Aysen over Alumysa
9-10-2002 UK: Campaigners say no to fluoride in the water
10-10-2002 USA: Area School Board discontinues fluoride tablets - requires doctor's prescription
10-10-2002 USA: Military personnel exposed to fluorinated Sarin and VX nerve gases in open-air tests
11-10-2002 UK: MSP 'slams fluoride plans'
13-10-2002 ENN / NYSCOF: Stop Fluoride Supplements - Canadian Dental Association
14-10-2002 USA: Contaminated fluoride 'Nursery Water' contained "petroleum-based solvent"
15-10-2002 USA: Man burned by hydrofluoric acid - but threat of full-scale evacuation avoided
17-10-2002 USA: Veto override fails - totalitarian fluoride measure leads to anger and tears
23-10-2002 The Oregonian, USA: Fluorine 'on the brain' - quite literally!
24-10-2002 Chemical Business News: SC Johnson patents floor cleaner
24-10-2002 Record Searchlight, USA: Dangers of fluoride compound unchecked Chemical poses certain hazards; toxicity unknown
26-10-2002 Jerusalem Post, Israel: 'Dumbing down' on fluoride. Israelis can now purchase "Barbie toothpaste gel with fluoride for children".
27-10-2002 Billings Gazette, USA: Fluoride Debate. How dental students are 'educated': "When she attended the UCLA dental school, she said, it was made clear to students that anyone who deviated from the orthodox line and questioned the benefits of fluoridation wouldn't be allowed to graduate."
28-10-2002 ENN/NYSCOF: Osteoarthritis Linked to Fluoride
28-10-2002 PFPC: New fluorophenyl-containing anticancer drug 'Iressa' has caused 39 deaths
29-10-2002 Business news Americas: Alumar discovers way to recycle toxic waste
30-10-2002 Irish Health: War continues over fluoridation...
1-11-2002 Coventry Evening Telegraph, UK: Campaign challenge to fluoride in taps
2-11-2002 The Guardian, UK: Dr Albert Shatz "But Waksman was not, in fact, the man who discovered streptomycin. The antibiotic was isolated by his postgraduate student Albert Schatz, ... who worked in a basement lab three floors below Waksman's office at Rutgers University, New Jersey. While the professor collected prizes and honours, his student sank into scientific obscurity, consumed by a sense of injustice."
2-11-2002 Tampa Tribune, USA: Fluoride runoff from proposed phosphate extraction could threaten drinking water supplies of around 100,000 people
3-11-2002 Sunday Business Post, Ireland: Report slams fluoridation policy
5-11-2002: 7 in 10 do not support water fluoridation Seven in 10 Irish people do not support fluoride being added to the public water supply, according to the results of a new poll by irishhealth.com. Result:: Do you support fluoride being added to the water supply? Yes 17% No 71% Not Sure 12%
6-11-2002 Irish Health: Scientists slam Irish fluoridation report
6-11-2002 USA: A big NO to fluoridation in Nov 5 polls. The following have all rejected the practice: Billings / Redding / Kalispell / Methuen, Mass. / Texarkana / Washoe County / Watsonville - awaiting result
7-11-2002 Irish Examiner: Scientists slam call to continue adding fluoride to water
8-11-2002 Barrett v Sherrell: So who's the 'quack' now? Pro-fluoridationist 'Dr', notorious for his vitriolic attacks on his opponents, gets a dose of his own medicine.
10-11-2002 Sun-Sentinel, USA: Lab fails water testing standard in Pompano Beach
10-11-2002 Bozeman Chronicle, USA: Studying Yellowstone Park's hostile environment "Elk that spend a lot of time around the hot springs of Norris Geyser Basin live only about half as long as do their relatives 20 miles to the north. Nobody's sure just why. It might be that too much fluoride in the soil and grasses is ruining their teeth. ..."
11-11-2002 Coventry Evening Telegraph, UK: Fluoride protesters spread message
11-11-2002 NYSCOF, USA: Water Fluoride Chemicals Cause Cavities
15-11-2002 Associated Press: Industrial chemicals threaten turtle nesting ground in eastern
16-11-2002 Santa Cruz Sentinel, USA: 'Fluoridation' defeated in Watsonville
17-11-2002 Express, India: Excess fluoride may hit hard
17-11-2002 Record Searchlight, USA: City rejects fluoride grant
17-11-2002 Tribune, USA: Bonney Lake files lawsuit to reverse fluoridation rule
19-11-2002 Evening Times, Scotland: Shadow Health Minister rejects any plans to add fluoride to water supplies
21-11-2002 Ha'aretz, Israel: State confirms it's dedication to fluoridation dictate
23-11-2002 The Scotsman: Lack of consultation
25-11-2002 BBC, UK: Health Authority to shut down fluoridation tank
25-11-2002 Macleans Magazine, Canada: Biting back against fluoride
25-11-2002 'Unethical Conduct' / New York Times: Whose Hands Are Dirty?
25-11-2002 The Express, UK: Fluoride will not tackle cause of poor oral health
26-11-2002 'Unethical Conduct' / The Times, UK: The needle and the damage done "Hundreds of American soldiers have suffered serious illness after being compulsorily injected with a controversial Anthrax vaccine, a batch of which has been found to be contaminated"
27-11-2002 Moscow Times, Russia: Maps Put Geologists on FSB's Hit List
28-11-2002 Ground Water Periodical: Parts of Mexico threatened by deep-well water extraction
28-11-2002 Red Flags Weekly: The absurdities of water fluoridation
29-11-2002 Natal Witness, SA: "... the subjugation of all aspects of society is the ANC's aim"
29-11-2002 Hungry Horse News, USA: Pollution rules changed for CFAC
2-12-2002 Sunday Business Post, Ireland: Anti-fluoride Voice claims savings of €13m
5-12-2002 Blue Springs Examiner, USA: Health panel criticized for handling of fluoride issue
5-12-2002 WJET-TV, USA: City Supports Lawsuit To Stop Fluoridation
6-12-2002 Herald, New Zealand: Whangarei says no to fluoride
7-12-2002 Globe & Mail, USA: Killer air, killer book "In the darkness, fluoride and sulfur gases efficiently reduced people's lungs to a bloody pulp. In three days, 18 people died: All were down-winders. After the inversion lifted, another 50 died. Hundreds more finished the rest of their lives with damaged lungs and hearts."
8-12-2002 Pensacola News Journal, USA: Answers imminent on area's toxic risk
9-12-2002 Asia Africa Intelligence Wire: Buffalo deaths and 120ppm fluoride "Severe fluoride toxicity will result in multiorgan failure. Central vasomotor depression as well as direct cardiotoxicity also may occur. Death usually results from respiratory paralysis, dysrhythmia, or cardiac failure." (source: e-medicine)
9-12-2002 Evening News, Scotland: Is giving parents chewing gum the best way to save their kid's teeth?; New plan to prevent adults passing on bacteria
12-12-2002 NIEHS, USA: National Toxicology Program lists numerous fluorides as carcinogens (cancer-causing agents)
12-12-2002 European Union: Proposal to reduce 'harmful' levels of fluoride in some mineral waters
13-12-2002 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, USA: Group Of Residents Sues Chemical Firms
16-12-2002 Pantagraph, USA: Tooth or dare "Despite fluoridation of drinking water and a societal emphasis on dental hygiene for two generations, dental problems in children aren't going away."
17-12-2002 Yahoo! Groups: Fluoride Poisoning "The intention of this site is for FLUORIDE POISONED persons to share their experiences and support. Options are to discuss symptoms, feelings, diagnoses, treatments, related conditions, and available research on the subject."
18-12-2002 Geographical Review: Neandertals and the thyroid gland: The selenium connection "Goiter has been produced in animals by feeding them fluoride salts. This element in man exerts an antithyroid effect when used in the treatment of thyrotoxicosis (Goldemberg 1930). Such relationships probably account for the famous "Derbyshire neck," an enlargement of the thyroid gland that looks like a swollen neck, formerly found in inhabitants of fluorite (calcium fluoride) areas in central England (Hetzel 1989). Indeed, it has been argued that, in China, goiter is promoted by elevated levels of four elements that adversely influence the thyroid: calcium, magnesium, fluorine, and lithium (Tan 1989)."
18-12-2002 Red Flags Weekly, USA: Fluoridation Blitzkrieg
19-12-2002 Chillicothe Gazette, USA: Q. How do you make 100,000's tonnes of uranium hexafluoride safer for storage? A. Spend over half a billion dollars removing the fluoride - and then sell it to "industries"!
24-12-2002 Assam Tribune, India: Rajasthan villagers show way to remove flouride from water "For drinking fluoride-rich water, rural people in that State have started losing their teeth at the early age beside being plagued by bone diseases. Children's growth has been severely affected by the fluorosis ..." & 22-3-2001 WHO: Too much natural fluoride in India "Nearly 100,000 villagers in the remote Karbi Anglong district in the north-eastern state of Assam were reported to be affected by excessive fluoride levels in groundwater in June 2000. Many people have been crippled for life. The victims suffer from severe anaemia, stiff joints, painful and restricted movement, mottled teeth and kidney failure."
30-12-2002 Timaru Herald, NZ: Fluoridation `bribe' faces Timaru veto
31-12-2002 KOMO TV, USA: State Rebukes Providence Everett Medical Center "Water used in the kidney dialysis machines ... contained high levels of fluoride ..."