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1-1-2003 Better Nutrition: Anti-fluoride flood
1-1-2003 The Humanist, USA: Your mind is a target: Weaponizing psychoactive drugs "Calmatives are neurochemical weapons funded by the U.S. military as defined in a 2000 research report entitled The Advantages and Limitations of Calmatives for Use As a Non-Lethal Technique prepared for the Department of Defense's Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNI.WD) by the Institute for Emerging Defense Technologies (a subunit of the Applied Research Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University): ..." and "... what would we say if our government decided to administer, in small doses via the water we drink, behavioral control drugs that work by affecting the mind? This idea, as preposterous as it might sound, is suggested in this government-funded calmatives report. "Different environments," its authors explain, would require tailored means of drug distribution:" and "... in 1953 the CIA moved its mind control program into the streets of America and began, according to the 1963 Inspector General's Report on MKULTRA, the "covert testing of materials on unwitting U.S. citizens."
3-1-2003 Timaru Herald, NZ: Fluoride and WHO
6-1-2003 Buffalo News, USA: Legacy of pain
7-1-2003 Xinhua News Agency: Potable water supply problem addressed in northern China "... 100,000 farmers in the area afflicted with serious fluorine and arsenic disease."
8-1-2003 The Mercury, SA: Fluoridation scheme halted by health concerns
8-1-2003 The Scotsman, Scotland: Fluoride consultation extended
9-1-2003 Associated Press, USA: Watsonville ban on fluoride may set up court battle
9-1-2003 China Daily [N American Edition]: Ozone-safe city in the making "Sources with the city's environmental protection bureau said at a working meeting that the government aims to make Dalian, in Northeast China's Liaoning Province, a fluorine-free city."
10-1-2003 United Press: Outside view: Sex, drugs and soccer moms
13-1-2003 McDowell News, USA: Councilman: Fluoride opponents flooding us
15-1-2003 Mayo News, Ireland: Scandal of water testing in Mayo County "The notable feature of the public water supplies in Mayo was the occurrence of breaches of the national fluoride standard ..." and "No aluminium monitoring was carried out in 2001 in spite of the fact that alum is used as a coagulant in Achill, Ballina, Belmullet, Kiltimagh, Shrule, Swinford and Westport."
18-1-2003 Pottstown Mercury, USA: Judge rules farmers' suit against chemical company can proceed "Farmers Wayne and Suzanne Hallowell ... contending the plant emitted toxic amounts of fluoride into the air, poisoning cattle and causing many problems on their Douglass (Mont.) farms."
21-1-2003 This is Blackburn, UK: Fluoride increase rejected by health chiefs
22-1-2003 Standard.net, USA: Fluoride debate back on the hill [Home page - registration required] Salt Lake: "I have had quite a number of people who voted for fluoride tell me that they misunderstood or were misinformed,"
22-1-2003 Terrace Standard, Canada: Fluoride debate looming "... several councillors called fluoride an unnecessary poison in the drinking water."
25-1-2003 Salt Lake Tribune, USA: Fluoridation totalitarians slaughtered on House Bill 64 vote by 86% to 14%. Moves to Senate.
27-1-2003 Amarillo Globe News, USA: Making them sparkle "In the past five years, the tooth-whitening industry has erupted with Americans spending billions of dollars to obtain titanium-white chompers. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the consumer demand for tooth-whitening procedures in doctor's offices has increased 308 percent between 1996 and 2000. "Tooth whitening is the No. 1 requested and performed cosmetic dental procedure," said Eric Nelson, spokesman for the AACD." / "... teeth that have turned yellow or brown tend to bleach well. "That's the majority of discoloration that we see," he said. "In the Panhandle, part of that is due to excess fluoride in our drinking water." - Dr. Charles Pybus of Amarillo.
28-1-2003 Environmental News Network: Dentists Are Not Fluoride Experts, Scientists Report
1-2-2003 Press Release, Washington University School of Medicine: Common pediatric anesthesia drugs cause brain damage and learning and memory problems in infant rats
1-2-2003 The Times of India: Fluoride water cripples villagers in Krishna dist and Why does Hyderabad have so many dentists?
7-2-2003 Paisley Daily Express, Scotland: Council says NO to fluoride
7-2-2003 PFPC: 'Fluoride' drug death toll climbs to 167
10-2-2003 India Business Insight: Rs20 CR PLAN FOR FLUORIDE-FREE DRINKING WATER
10-2-2003 PR Newswire, USA: Colgate-Palmolive VP admits that too much fluoride can stain teeth "Smile not as bright as it once was? Some stains can be caused by antibiotics, or too much fluoride. ..." AND "Periodontal (gum) disease is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults, and an estimated three out of four Americans have some form of it. ..."
11-2-2003 New Statesman, India: Bone crusher "Around 100,000 people in Assam, at least half of them women, are in the grip of hydrofluorosis. Hundreds of villages in Karbi Anglong and a few areas in neighbouring Nagaon district are said to be prone to excess fluoride. Severe anaemia, stiff joints, painful and restricted movement, mottled teeth, loose muscles, kidney failure, premature death and physical disability are manifestations of the disease. ... 62 million people in India suffer from fluorosis."
12-2-2003 The Star, South Africa: Govt is obstinately ignoring crucial evidence on fluoride
13-2-2003 Evening Mail, England: Woman sues over fluoride in water
15-2-2003 The Grocer, UK: The Saturday essay "Many children are eating unhealthily, and are developing serious health problems.The National Nutrition and Diet Survey of 2,000 children between the ages of four and 18 found that 80% of children were exceeding the recommended amounts of sugar and 53% had dental decay, despite fluoridation."
19-2-2003 ENN [NYSCOF] USA: Fluoridation Fails Poor Children, New Studies Show
22-2-2003 Santa Cruz Sentinel, USA: Brazen burglars brave poison to steal from homes - "Twice this month burglars have broken into chemical-laden homes tented for fumigation," ... "The chemical used to kill termites, and sometimes beetles, is sulfuryl fluoride," ... "It kills termites, beetles, animals, people and anything else around, ..."
24-2-2003 ENN [NYSCOF] USA: Fluoride Extinguishes Smiles
27-2-2003 Honolulu Star-Bulletin, USA: Fast-track fluoridation ban nearing Lingle's desk
27-2-2003 Journal of Business - Spokane, USA: Kaiser's cleanups tallied "Environmental cleanup costs at Kaiser Aluminum Corp.'s Trentwood rolling mill and shuttered Mead smelter will cost roughly $68 million" and "... fluoride, and other chemicals, were disposed in piles at the facility." and "... fluoride-contaminated soils have been found under those piles at Mead, and underground water contaminated with cyanide and fluoride forms a plume that stretches from beneath the piles of potliner material to the Little Spokane River."
27-2-2003 Journal of Business - Spokane, USA: Kaiser's cleanups tallied "Environmental cleanup costs at Kaiser Aluminum Corp.'s Trentwood rolling mill and shuttered Mead smelter will cost roughly $68 million" and "... fluoride, and other chemicals, were disposed in piles at the facility." and "... fluoride-contaminated soils have been found under those piles at Mead, and underground water contaminated with cyanide and fluoride forms a plume that stretches from beneath the piles of potliner material to the Little Spokane River."
28-2-2003 Reuters: DuPont agrees to $1.1 million settlement over Hydrogen Fluoride leak
1-3-2003 Calgary Herald, Canada: Sierra Club fights fluoridation
1-3-2003 Times of India: MLA insists Naidu drink fluoride water
2-3-2003 KSTP TV, USA: Tiny amount of hydrofluoric acid sends 13 to hospital ""Hydrofluoric acid is extremely toxic, both for inhalation and topically, it can burn through your skin." Even though the electricians were wearing protective gear, it didn't stop the fumes from reaching their faces. ... "Paramedics gave the 13 men medicine to help them breathe. Dr. Knopp said, "Several of them came in coughing, having some degree of distress." ... "[fire chief] Mueller said, "I would say they're very lucky.""
3-3-2003 ENN/ NYSCOF: Fluoridation 'Benefits' Based on Belief Not Science
3-3-2003 Register-Pajaronian, USA: Fluoride issue not over yet ... More monkey-business in Watsonville as fluoride fascists decide to ignore Nov 2002 ballot defeat
7-3-2003 Guardian, UK: Dismay at chemical plant link to Britain
9-3-2003 ENN/NYSCOF, USA: Water Fluoride Chemicals Cause Cavities
13-3-2003 Business Wire, Russia: Russians to be sold fluoride-contaminated bottled water
13-3-2003 Health News Digest, USA: Soft Drinks, Teens and Cavities "In 1977, 12- to 19-year-olds drank 16 ounces of soda a day. In 1996, this same group consumed an average of 28 ounces a day. Soda consumption has increased from 22.2 gallons of cola per person per year in 1970 to 56 gallons in 1999."
14-3-2003 Arizona Rep., USA: Verbal bricks tossed at plant
14-3-2003 Business Wire: Iceland's Environmental Agency Issues Operating Permit for Alcoa's Fjardaal Plant
14-3-2003 Irvine Herald, Scotland: Fluoride: councils may be able to hold a vote on it soon
14-3-2003 The Tribune, India: 100 defluoridation plants for Malwa
17-3-2003 Daily Mail, UK: Pupils may get dose of fluoride in school milk
17-3-2003 ENN/ NYSCOF, USA: Kids Eat Too Much Fluoride From Foods, Studies Show
18-3-2003 Examiner, USA: Tie vote kills fluoride issue / Recall petition rumoured
19-3-2003 California Online, USA: Supervisors won't push fluoride
20-3-2003 The Herald, Scotland: Thousands say no to fluoride in water
25-3-2003 Register-Pajaronian, USA: Mayor says city won't fight state on fluoride "..., Mayor Pro Tempore Judy Doering-Nielsen recently lambasted the pro-fluoride camp for suggesting that sometimes the majority doesn't do the right thing and it's up to the government to bring relief to those who need it. "This attitude of superiority and elitism is a disgusting display of prejudice against a community. Low income does not equate to stupidity, "To ignore the voice of the people in the community and treat them as children that need to be taken care of by a Big Brother government is indeed a sad and sorry state of affairs."
27-3-2003 Santa Cruz Sentinel, USA: Watsonville fluoride case goes to court / Register-Pajaronian, USA: 'State Mandate" fluoridation councillor resigns
28-3-2003 Oak Ridger, USA: Depleted uranium hexafluoride: waste route OR Turnpike? "According to an online Depleted UF6 information network (see sidebar) managed by Argonne National Laboratory for DOE, "The most immediate hazard after a release would be from inhalation of hydrogen fluoride, a highly corrosive gas formed when UF6 reacts with moisture in air."
29-3-2003 North County Times, USA: Fluoridation lawsuit passes legal test
11-4-2003 News Sentinel, USA: Truck with uranium load wrecks; No toxins spill in I-40 accident, officials said
13-4-2003 FAN, USA: Taking Truth to Power - USEPA Cannot find one single scientist to defend water fluoridation in debate!" "I respectfully suggest that if no person from the Federal Government is willing to defend the practice by invitation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, then the subpoena power of the U.S. Congress be invoked to compel such a person or persons to appear before a Joint Committee of the Congress to do so." - Dr. William Hirzy, the Senior Vice President of EPA's Headquarters Union.
13-4-2003 Salt Lake Tribune, USA: Fluoride Foes: Health Board Practices Dubious
14-4-2003 UK: Thousand greens show the way forward in local elections / Green Party Local Election Page
17-4-2003 ENN/NYSCOF, USA: Fluoridation Adds Lead & Arsenic into Your Drinking Water
19-4-2003 Irish Times, Ireland: Ads firm got '2.7m in State contracts
25-4-2003 NDTV.com, India: Fluorosis rampant in rural Orissa "Fluoride content over 0.5 milligram per litre could lead to fluorosis as is the case in Karlakot and 24 other villages in Nuapada district in Orissa where hundreds of able bodied people have been affected. Excess of fluoride in the water, causes brittleness of the bones, malting of the teeth and generalized weakness, anaemia and calcification of the tendons and ligaments. Fluorosis has also affected the teeth of many children and adults in the village and the weak bones and loss of stamina has cut into the people's ability to work."
26-4-2003 BBC Monitoring, Indonesia: Police chief comments on blast at UN office "... the bomb that went off behind the UN office contained carbon fluoride, sulphide and nitrate."
29-4-2003 NZOOM.com, New Zealand: Workers "exposed to silicon tetra-fluoride emissions"
29-4-2003 Santa Cruz Sentinel, USA: Onlookers mum on fluoride suit
29-4-2003 The Age: Fluoride battle brews in towns Letter 28-4-2003 The Border Mail: Fluoridation not without its risks
29-4-2003 Warrnambool Standard: Public poll may decide on fluoride
30-4-2003 NYSCOF/ENN, USA: Basel, Switzerland, Halts Decades of Water Fluoridation - No Evidence of Fluoridation's Benefit
2-5-2003 Fort Collins Coloradoan, USA: Investigate the damage
2-5-2003 Irish Times, Ireland: EPA criticised over water schemes "The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been criticised for accepting the quality of drinking water in Kilkenny as satisfactory even though it was found to contain aluminium contaminations more than 100 times the EU limit." and ... "The danger of excessive aluminium in the water supply, especially when linked to excesses in fluoride [also found in Kilkenny], is recognised by the WHO as having a potential link to brain lesions and Alzheimer's disease,"
7-5-2003 Lincoln Journal Star, USA: York voters give fluoridated drinking water the brush off
8-5-2003 Peninsula Daily News, USA: Sequim council rejects fluoridation
11-5-2003 The Telegraph, India: Fluoride 'curse' cripples Bihar village "Because they cannot run like other children their age — their limbs have been crippled beyond repair by fluoride poisoning."
15-5-2003 ENN/NYSCOF, USA: Ingested Fluoride Needless; Children Dangerously Overdosed, Studies Show
15-5-2003 Evening News 24, England: Debate begins to bite on fluoride issue
15-5-2003 IRIN, UN: Volcanic Ash Threatens Human Health And Agriculture "An increased number of deaths among cattle and goats is suspected of having been caused by consumption of ash-coated grass, leading to deterioration of the animals' digestive system and poisoning by fluorosis, or excessive fluoride."
17-5-2003 Fort Collins Coloradoan, USA: Fluoridation - an example of how the media sometimes prefers to ignore the truth about fluoridation.
19-5-2003 New Zealand Herald: Maybe it has something to do with what is in the water Fluoridated NZ: "... 58 per cent of our teenagers and 47 per cent of 5-year-olds have serious dental decay," ... and of Annette King [Minister of Health]: "Perhaps if the ministry had consented to send a representative to the 25th conference of the International Society of Fluoride Research in January, it might have gained more up-to-date information. The Dunedin conference hosted numerous international fluoride experts. It's difficult to imagine any reason for the ministry's failure to take advantage of the latest research on their doorstep,"
19-5-2003 Honolulu Star-Bulletin, USA: Herbal teas often take a toll on teeth "With the exception of black and chamomile teas, the herbal teas caused erosion of tooth enamel similar to or worse than orange juice, an acidic beverage. Some blends caused almost three times as much erosion as orange juice. Chamomile and black teas caused virtually no erosion."
19-5-2003 Hoovers News, Ireland: Irish green watchdog slated - Irish EPA endangers public health
19-5-2003 Hoovers News, UK: Government bid to end fluoride veto
20-5-2003 Observer-Reporter, USA: Toxic Potassium Fluoride spill on I-70 halts traffic
30-5-2003 Fort Collins Coloradoan, USA: Fluoridation: Low-income kids are not being helped
23-5-2003 Bolton Evening News, England: MP in plea for fluoride protest
23-5-2003 myTELUS.com, Canada: Justice measured in dollars?
27-5-2003 NYSCOF, USA: Study by Fluoridation Proponent Reveals Fluoridation Doesn't Decrease Childhood Cavities
4-6-2003 News Tribune, USA: High court takes fluoride suit
4-6-2003 Otago Daily Times, New Zealand: Concerns over high levels of fluoride
9-6-2003 Letters from Christchurch, New Zealand: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
9-6-2003 The West Australian: Action sought on tainted site
9-6-2003 Vesti Nedeli, Russia: Health, environment in danger from Russian region's metal works "... feature on 8 June highlighted the plight of an area in Russia's northwestern region of Karelia, the site of a major aluminium producer, whose residents have "lived in dreadful environmental conditions for decades". Children and adults alike suffer from fluorosis. The concentration of cancerous substances is massive. One man has plucked up the courage and sued the company. Meanwhile, the dumping of harmful waste continues." ... "Dmitriy Kuzin's mother recalls how her husband, who later committed suicide, was beaten up after he sued the plant 10 years ago."
16-6-2003 Manchester Online, England: Fluoride and our rights
19-6-2003 Newswire, Canada: Canadian polluters increased chemical releases by 20% from 1995 to 2001
20-6-2003 KSL TV, USA: S. Phoenix pollution tests in doubt because of rain
20-6-2003 KSL TV, USA: Some Davis County Residents Deflouridating Water
24-6-2003 Business Wire, USA: New Cavity Fighting Agent Significantly (96%) More Effective Than Fluoride ...
25-6-2003 FAN, USA: Burns Lake Voters End 40+ Years of Fluoridation
25-6-2003 Guardian, UK: Fluoride Flaws
1-7-2003 The Ecologist, UK: Hard to swallow / Swiss reject fluoride / Health: Water fluoridation / Abuse your illusions
1-7-2003 ENN/NYSCOF, USA: Fluoridation Delivers Risks; No Benefits, Study Shows
4-7-2003 This Is Leics. / Leicester Mercury, UK: WE DON'T WANT FLUORIDE!
6-7-2003 Bedfordshire on Sunday, England: Dentist leads anti fluoride campaign
9-7-2003 Evening News, Scotland: Greens will fight any fluoride in water plans
9-7-2003 PA News, UK: Peers Back Fluoride in Tap Water Move
13-7-2003 Scotland on Sunday: Fluoridation not to be inflicted on the Scots? Is the New Labour / Lid Dem pact making a promise it intends to break after the next election?
13-7-2003 Tampa Bay Tribune, USA: What Lies Beneath Affects Rising Homes "Carl Crowell isn't sure what caused his prostate cancer, and he can't say why many of his neighbors have been stricken with other forms of the disease. Public health agencies don't know either. But they are trying to determine whether pollution from a phosphate plant and old landfills could be linked to illness in Crowell's neighborhood and another Plant City community about two miles away. ... "Arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead and gross alpha radiation were found in high concentrations from 1998 through 2002 on Coronet's land, the state report says. All are carcinogens. Fluoride - also found in groundwater at the plant - can cause bone problems in high concentrations, health officials said. The amounts reported at Coronet far exceed state and federal guidelines.
18-7-2003 Tampa Bay Tribune, USA: Official Urges Coronet Probe "A top environmental official wants a criminal investigation into allegations that Coronet Industries employees were ordered by the phosphate processor to dump toxic waste and deceive government inspectors. ... "The plant just south of the city limits has a history of environmental problems, and intentional violations should be dealt with harshly, said EPC Executive Director Richard Garrity. The 100-year-old plant has aging, poorly maintained equipment that spews pollution into the air and occasionally discharges acidic water into English Creek, Garrity said. Each year, 61 tons of dust, 60.5 tons of nitrogen oxide, 4.6 tons of carbon monoxide, 4 tons of hydrogen fluoride and 1.3 tons of lead flow from the plant, mainly from its smokestacks. ..."
21-7-2003 Waikato Times, NZ: Fluoride retention
23-7-2003 Belfast News Letter, Ireland: Some hard water facts for Minister
30-7-2003 The Mirror, UK: 600 Join queue for dentist / It's gone dental / Western Mail, UK: Dentists are abandoning the NHS treadmill ... But in fluoridated Solihull ... 29-7-2003 Birmingham Post, England: NHS Trust praised on patient care
30-7-2003 The Pueblo Chieftain: New Cotter hazardous waste projects draw fire
August to October - no listed news due to web-site redevelopment
01/10/2003 Concord Monitor, NH, USA - Court rules Manchester fluoridation is illegal
07/10/2003 San Jose Mercury News, CA, USA - Palo Alto woman campaigns against fluoridation
10/10/2003 Scoop.co.nz (press release), New Zealand - Huia says no to fluoridation
13/10/2003 Yahoo: India News - 5:14 PM Nalco smelter fluoride damages Orissa crops
16/10/2003 Environmental News Network - More Fluoride: Less Teeth
24/10/2003 TheBostonChannel.com 24th October 2003 Marlboro Issues Water Warning
26/10/2003 Metro West - 24ppm of fluoride in water
27/10/2003 The Times-3 Legal fight on fluoride. MPs "furious" at (yet more) sleazy Government tactics
29/10/2003 Metro West Daily News - Water treatment facility reopened
31/10/2003 The Ledger, Lakeland Florida - Toxic Water, OJ Trucked in Same Tankers
02/11/2003 Milford Daily News - Sodium fluoride 'pole treatments' danger to children and animals
02/11/2003 Observer Sun - Health fear for children sparks fury over fluoride...
03/11/2003 Gloucester Citizen Mon - Anti-fluoride calls grow
03/11/2003 Shropshire Star - Petition comes out against fluoridation
05/11/2003 Bolton Evening News - MPs divided in big fluoridation debate
05/11/2003 Worcester Evening News - 'Don't add fluoride to our water'
07/11/2003 Westmorland Gazette - No plans for fluoridation of water
10/11/2003 Western Mail - Party bites back at dental spin
12/11/2003 NBC - Prime Targets For Terror
16/11/2003 Sunday Herald - Renewed fluoridation push ignites controversy
17/11/2003 Last-minute glitches in Nevada nuclear-waste burial plan: "Despite DOE's plan to cover the spent fuel with titanium to keep out groundwater, "our experts think no metal will last underground more than 400 or 500 years. Titanium goes away in 50 to 60 years because of fluoride in the water." Associated Press.
20/11/2003 Yahoo.com - Cavities Double After Water Fluoridation
21/11/2003 Basingstoke Gazette - Mixed response to fluoride issue
21/11/2003 Bristol Evening Post - Fluoride debate urged before decision
24/11/2003 Bolton Evening News - Campaigners to carry on fluoride fight
29/11/2003 Telegraph - Blair's one-sided conversation "... most of the questions are loaded, and it does not take much political nous to work out where the Prime Minister would like the conversation to end up." Revealed: Labour's Big Conversation is a fix "... party officials have handpicked contributors - and have then edited out their negative comments." CONSULTATION ON WATER FLUORIDATION - NEW LABOUR'S NEXT BIG SWINDLE?
01/12/2003 The Probe - Human Wrong?
03/12/2003 Leyland Today - 'Bizarre' activity in Lancashire - Fluoride - if you want it
08/12/2003 Independent - How long will it take to admit the failure of water fluoridation? Glaxo Chief: Our drugs do not work on most patients "GSK announced last week that it had 20 or more new drugs under development that could each earn the company up to $1bn (£600m) a year."
09/12/2003 icWales - Wales to decide on fluoride in water
10/12/2003 Sheffield Today 10 Dec 2003 Protesters voice fears on fluoride
11/12/2003 Las Vegas Sun - After 4-5 years of fluoridation: Clark County kids suffer from poor dental health. "In 1999 fluoride was put in the water supply in Southern Nevada to help prevent tooth decay."
22/12/2003 The Southern Illinoisan - Cause of radiation leak unknown "... alarm indicated there was a release of uranium hexafluoride (UF-6) ... "If I lived in the area near the plant I would be somewhat frightened, to be honest with you," (Honeywell spokesman) McPhee said."
23/12/2003 tulsaworld.com - New [fluoride-free] cavity-fighting agent shows promise
31/12/2003 KRT Wire - Honeywell Says Latest Leak at Metropolis, Ill., Uranium Plant Poses No Threat