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02-1-2004 Times of India - Fluoride rise in UP water alarming "In the areas considered to be hit by fluoride, cases of gastro-intestinal diseases, nausea, bloated stomach, headache, infertility, weakness of muscles, etc, were found to be on the rise, ..."
09-1-2004 This is Lancashire - Valley rejects fluoride plan
19-1-2004 Herald Sun (Australia) - Labor's $400m to fix teeth (... in 77% fluoridated Victoria!)
19-1-2004 Toronto Star - Yes, you can brush your teeth too much
26-1-2004 The Huddersfield Daily Examiner - Water row to spark town centre protest
27-1-2004 Salt Lake Tribune - Fluoride discussed in secret e-mails
29-1-2004 Honolulu Advertiser - Council bans fluoride in water
30-1-2004 NineMSN - Free dental check-ups under Labor
03-2-2004 NYSCOF / ENN - Food, Not Fluoride, Reduces Cavities
03-2-2004 Washington Post - Experts Differ on Threat in D.C. Tap Water
05-2-2004 Shropshire Star - Fluoride plans are attacked
09-2-2004 Roane County News - Feds: Radiation release not public health threat
10-2-2004 Huddersfield Daily Examiner - Campaign fights new powers to impose fluoride solution
10-2-2004 The Times - Public opinion: Camilla Cavendish
12-2-2004 Montana State University - Yellowstone Elk Die Early from Excessive Fluoride "... fluoride toxicosis results in early old age, or, in other words, a reduced life span."
12-2-2004 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Soot-belching Canada plant decried "#1 for emitting hydrogen fluoride, classified as toxic under CEPA, it damages plants, and is a lung, nose and throat irritant that can cause bronchitis; weakens bones of cattle and wildlife. (426 tonnes emitted)" Quote from the Ontario Clean Air Alliance
14-2-2004 Tampa Bay Tribune - Coronet Plans To Pump Out Wastewater "... estimated that Coronet has 1 billion gallons of wastewater and stormwater" and "Some of the ponds contain wastewater with high levels of arsenic, fluoride and other pollutants."
16-2-2004 The Scotsman - Fluoride fears flare over delay in health study - Scottish Executive displaying lack of backbone, candour.
17-2-2004 KLBK, Texas - The Water In Wolfforth - EPA warning over tiny amounts of fluoride in water
18-2-2004 Ormskirk Maghull and Skelmersdale Advertiser - Fight against fluoride - yet another new campaign group
19-2-2004 Bolton Evening News - Council says no to fluoride
21-2-2004 Daily Chronicle - One hurt, building cleared after fluorine leak
26-2-2004 Daily Times - HOUSE COMMITTEE BETRAYS USA CHILDREN: Bill killed to stop use of mercury-based fillings in children's teeth
26-2-2004 Sri Lankan Daily Mirror - Workshop on Fluorosis
26-2-2004 Yahoo News - Sarin: the [FLUORIDE] gas even Hitler would not use
27-2-2004 Channel 9 News - Trains Can Carry Hazardous Cargo "... Newschannel Nine found two tanker cars labeled anhydrous hydrogen fluoride parked on a track in South El Paso. The chemical is 30 times more deadly than cyanide and is less than 200 feet from a housing development."
27-2-2004 Fort Record - Heartland: "a pollution ghetto" ""Experts have evidence of sick livestock, contaminated water, vegetation and fluorosis, which is discoloration of the teeth, and it can get down to the bones," said Henkelman. Environmental Defense points to a federal document entailing Agrium as the fifth largest polluter in the province as a reason to halt any extension of existing industry in the Heartland. Watson says the federal information is calculated inaccurately, and is based on the level of fluoride that they purposely flow out of the plant to help a capital water treatment facility."

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