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Press Release 004

25th October, 2000

Note: For immediate release.

Headline: Department of Health 'chicken out' on fluoride consumption level monitoring.

  • World Health Organisation advice being ignored by Government.
  • DoH terrified of consequences of poisoning claims and litigation.

Main story:

On the 23rd October, Joanne Walley, Labour MP, Stoke-On-Trent North, asked the Secretary of State for Health to set out the WHO requirements for monitoring fluoride levels.

In the reply, published today on the Parliament Internet web-site, Yvette Cooper (for the DoH) replied that the WHO recommendation on monitoring fluoride levels was 'advisory' rather than mandatory.

Successive Governments have repeatedly refused to introduce measures to measure fluoride consumption by populations to determine total fluoride intake from all sources. This is in direct conflict with the simple scientific principle of knowing exactly how much fluoride is being consumed by individuals before exposing them to the *polluted fluorides which are dumped into public water supplies (*the phosphate fertilizer industry's toxic waste which contains arsenic, mercury, cyanide, etc.).

For too long the Government has relied on bad or contrived evidence to support their campaign to fluoridate water. The blatant refusal to monitor fluoride levels is just another example of how they are running scared of potential litigation claims as well as having their 'science' exposed as pure quackery.

Until the Government begins to take a common sense, no nonsense approach to fluoride consumption, it will continue to be accused of scientific fraud - an allegation also aimed at the Government's recent 'scientific review' and made by the Parents with Fluoride Poisoned Children organisation.

Below, Joanne Walley's written question and answer:

Fluoride. 23 Oct 2000: Column: 91W

Ms Walley: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will set out WHO requirements in respect of (a) monitoring of fluoride levels, and (b) children in receipt of fluoridated milk. [R] [134146]

Yvette Cooper: Reports from the World Health Organisation (WHO) contain valuable information, which can helpfully inform government policy but, unless they are incorporated into United Kingdom law, their status is advisory rather than mandatory. Technical guidance on methods of measurement of fluoride, and their interpretation, and on fluoridation of mild (sic), is included in recent WHO publications such as Technical Report 846 "Fluorides and oral health" (1994) and "Monitoring of renal fluoride excretion in community preventive programmes on oral health" (1999).