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Birmingham v Manchester

Birmingham and Manchester - some simple comparisons


  1. Approximate equivalents (AE) are given by adjusting population size to that of ...
    1. Manchester to Birmingham (Graphs 1,3,6,7)
    2. Wolverhampton to Manchester (Graph 8)

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Please note! All populations made for comparison to Birmingham have been adjusted to Birmingham's population size (the blue line, or bar, on the respective graphs). This helps to make an easier comparison between the respective cities.


It is obvious from the following graphs that Birmingham and Manchester make a poor example of comparison when SOLELY looking at DMFT figures for both cities.

But! The graphs do demonstrate the bias shown towards Birmingham when it comes to privileged care, treatment and spending.

Considering that Birmingham is often used in amateurish and poorly designed ad-hoc studies to try and show differences in DMFT, it can be clearly demonstrated that it is not simply a matter of whether water is fluoridated or not. There are many factors that can influence dental health in general, and not just puerile and unscientific DMFT comparisons.

You are now referred to the graphs and the real data underlying dental health in both cities.

In Graphs 1, 2 and 3, we can see that children in Birmingham have more spent upon them, and measures to prevent tooth decay are also more evident.

In Graph 4, it can be seen that more under-18 children in Manchester have fillings than their counterparts in Birmingham. But considering the benefits already afforded to children in Birmingham, and the advantages they enjoy over manchester, is it hardly surprising they have fewer ordinary fillings? We'd venture to say that IF manchester enjoyed the same privileges that Birmingham enjoys, then Manchester would likely have FEWER fillings per child! Something to chew on, perhaps!

In Graph 5, we see some astounding figures! Truly amazing! Manchester children have almost as many teeth extracted as children in Birmingham! What a revelation - and all without consuming fluoridated water!

Graphs 6 and 7 tell an even more damning story. This is where Community dental staff reach out to children beyond the dentist's surgery and gives their services to children regardless of their attendance in conventional surgeries. We can clearly see that, again, Birmingham is far more privileged than Manchester.

These 7 graphs tell a different story to the one used by the prof-luoridation lobby and their shoddy shock tactics. It shows that when consdiering dental health, you have to take into acount all those factors which can impact upon dental health.

On this final topic of confounding factors, also consider than Manchester suffers more deprivation tna Birmingham. Jarman-scored statistics have shown this, and that Birmingham North, and South, are nowhere as near as deprived as Manchester. In fact, and overall, Birmingham is, respectivley, far less deprived then their counterparts in the North-West of England.

Here's some simple figures (Jarman Scores, measuring social deprivation, taken from 'The Other Side of the Coin'):

Note: the higher the score, the greater the social deprivation

"Page 9 of 27, Table 3.

Manchester est. 48.04 (Central Manchester 58.24, North Manchester 56.65, South Manchester 34.70)

Birmingham est. 18.98 (Birmingham West 42.10, Birmingham Central 33.83, Birmingham East 33.78, Birmingham North -7.85, Birmingham South 10.83)"

In a nutshell ...

The simplistic DMFT charts used by pro-fluoridationists is nothing but quackery. It is poorly-designed propaganda and a disgrace. But this bandwagon will continue to roll as those who are wound-up like clockwork toys, will continue to go out into the greater environment and keep repeating the endless stream of garbage they are fed by those with no decency, credibility or integrity.

As a closing shot across the bows of the pro-fluoridation lobby, we have provided the reader with a graph (8) of Wolverhampton, compared to Manchester. It demonstrates how the pro-fluoridation lobby tries to make it appear that once water fluoridation is introduced to a community, that dental health improves. But it can be seen from the graph that once water fluoridation is introduced, then in comes all the extra dentists, finance, and all forms of assistance to help children in the newly-fluoridated community. In other words, look at all the extra and spanking, brand new privileges these children enjoy when the water fluoridation bandwagon rolls into town. This is the blatant truth about water fluoridation. It is nothing to do with improving children's teeth, because without all the extra support of all those extra privileges which come with it, water fluoridation would fail to do anything significant, or anything at all, to improve children's dental health.

It's been observed before, but it is frequently overlooked. After all, water fluoridation is all about propaganda, and nothing to do with science. Or as they say in the media industry, never let the truth get in the way of a good story. The pro-fluoridation lobby writes it's limited and biased script, and then publishes in defiance of all credibility. This scam works on a regular basis, so why should they worry about the truth?

Graph 1. How much is spent on child treatments? Age under-18.

Graph 2. Gross fees including capitation (treatments and registration costs per child). Age under-18.

Graph 3. 'No Dental Intervention' - Number of preventative measures for children (inc. varnishes, sealants, etc.). Age under-18.

Graph 4. Ordinary fillings per child. Age under-18.

Graph 5. Extractions per child. Age under-18.

Graph 6. Children screened by Community Dental Services - Ages 0 to 4.

Graph 7. Children screened by Community Dental Services - Ages 5 to 15.

Graph 8. How much is spent on child treatments? Comparing Wolverhampton to Manchester. Age under-18.

This comparison has been included because Wolverhampton has been *100% fluoridated since 1997 (*previously 32% fluoridated). It gives some idea how dental health expenditure increases after water fluoridation is fully introduced.

Data used for graphs.

Graphs 1-5 and 8: Dental Practice Board data is given between December 1997 (D97) and March 2002 (M02).

Graphs 6 and 7: Community Dental Service data is given for the years ending 1997 to 2001.

FULL comparison data tables are available as a PDF Publication (opens in a new 'non-responsive' window)

Data Tables

Graph 1. Child item of service & weighted entry

#Qtr Birmingham Manchester
1D97 £869,553.15£340,228.42
2M98 £906,322.13£339,885.62
3J98 £897,495.00£369,228.35
4S98 £864,280.74£337,402.82
5D98 £962,774.64£377,569.88
6M99 £917,639.77£372,432.20
7J99 £942,269.63£335,592.64
8S99 £949,690.55£341,965.28
9D99 £975,074.66£367,429.71
10M00 £944,777.51£370,645.13
11J00 £1,011,787.70£389,285.14
12S00 £955,034.42£359,677.06
13D00 £988,565.79£383,618.30
14M01 £937,131.15£370,520.06
15J01 £934,944.88£390,131.31
16S01 £975,821.19£348,336.50
17D01 £1,059,942.32£339,779.99
18M02 £1,077,458.20£325,862.01

Data Tables

Graph 2. Total child gross fees per registration.

#QtrBirmingham Manchester
1D97 £12.12£11.16
2M98 £13.72£12.45
3J98 £13.51£12.80
4S98 £13.52£12.53
5D98 £14.09£13.26
6M99 £13.85£13.21
7J99 £14.24£12.74
8S99 £14.36£12.79
9D99 £14.64£13.31
10M00 £14.50£13.36
11J00 £14.99£13.78
12S00 £14.79£13.65
13D00 £15.04£13.99
14M01 £14.75£13.79
15J01 £14.86£14.32
16S01 £15.36£13.72
17D01 £15.95£13.66
18M02 £16.14£13.57

Data Tables

Graph 3. Type 7 Procedure: No Dental Intervention.

#QtrBirmingham Manchester
1D97 96021757
2M98 98091897
3J98 103971759
4S98 95591473
5D98 113062125
6M99 110831980
7J99 110342042
8S99 113471798
9D99 115212201
10M00 115832092
11J00 120222419
12S00 111392226
13D00 120742630
14M01 118212543
15J01 129342800
16S01 127552646
17D01 127632579
18M02 121442689

Data Tables

Graph 4. Procedure: Ordinary Fillings [under-18]

#QtrBirmingham Manchester
1D97 0.120.15
2M98 0.110.15
3J98 0.110.17
4S98 0.10.15
5D98 0.110.16
6M99 0.10.16
7J99 0.110.16
8S99 0.110.15
9D99 0.110.17
10M00 0.10.17
11J00 0.110.17
12S00 0.10.16
13D00 0.10.16
14M01 0.10.15
15J01 0.10.15
16S01 0.080.14
17D01 0.070.14
18M02 0.070.13

Data Tables

Graph 5. Procedure: Extractions [under-18]

#QtrBirmingham Manchester
1D97 0.0180.029
2M98 0.0170.031
3J98 0.0180.029
4S98 0.0170.027
5D98 0.0190.028
6M99 0.0180.023
7J99 0.0170.021
8S99 0.0180.021
9D99 0.0170.021
10M00 0.0170.021
11J00 0.0180.019
12S00 0.0160.018
13D00 0.0170.02
14M01 0.0160.021
15J01 0.0170.023
16S01 0.0170.02
17D01 0.020.019
18M02 0.0180.019

Data Tables

Graph 6. Community Dental Services: Number of children screened. Age 0-4.

#YrBirmingham Manchester

Data Tables

Graph 7. Community Dental Services: Number of children screened. Age 5-15.

#YrBirmingham Manchester

Data Tables

Graph 8. Child item of service & weighted entry.

1d97 £132,315.37
2m98 £126,919.62
3j98 £137,045.50
4s98 £133,772.41
5d98 £152,386.18
6m99 £140,042.23
7j99 £150,689.88
8s99 £157,219.48
9d99 £167,901.40
10m00 £164,266.82
11j00 £187,231.99
12s00 £184,476.47
13d00 £167,326.11
14m01 £166,558.50
15j01 £177,886.23
16s01 £197,668.14
17d01 £189,485.04
18m02 £217,660.74