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Only 2 papers are published here. But both are detailed and informative. While we shall always be on the look out for more substantial pieces of work, it has to be said that quality will always surpass quantity.

The pro-fluoride lobby will always refer to many papers that they claim supports the practice of water fluoridation, but when they are mostly nothing but 'floss', then what is their value?

We need to focus upon those scientists, those researchers, and even those academically unqualified people, who activley seek out the truth, and work of substance. There is no point wasting time reading those offerings which only serve to prop-up a bankrupt theory and are designed purely to mislead, deceive, and ignore critical factors.

We can highly commend the authors we present to you on this website. You will also notice that due to the sheer inensity, and volume, of the work presented, that it has had to be broken down into numerous pages.

Such is the detail given, that no other option existed but to do it this way, and to give each page of each piece of work it's own reference.